2 For 1 HTC Eris at Verizon Will Put Android In More Users Hands

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2 for 1 ErisThis has to be one of the best Smartphone Deals for the 2009 Christmas Gift Idea season. Everyone is scrambling to find gifts and Cell Phones are a great way to make someone happy.

The trend with mobile phones is web based and users know it. Networks are reporting record numbers of users accessing the Internet through there phones in North America. That's nothing new in the rest of the world. In the US wireless users are discovering what most other countries have known for a few years. Who need a PC, Laptop or Mac to get online. All one needs is a great phone and network.

A great opportunity to do the same as the rest of the world is here from Verizon. The arguably best wireless network in the USA will give you a second Eris Android Phone when you activate two lines. Most people don't need two phones, but this is a great time to introduce someone to the Mobile Web.
This deal is very limited and as far as we know it is only good this weekend. December 5th and 6th 2009.

Here's Verizon's description of the HTC Eris. "Now operating on the Android platform, the new Droid Eris by HTC combines performance and functionality in one sleek package. Eris offers the HTC Sense UI on a 3.2”, touch screen zoom capability, a virtual QWERTY keyboard, and a 3.5mm headset jack in addition to the Virtual Keys (Home, Menu, Back, Search). The ultra–slim Eris can filter your Inbox, and stay connected securely with your office via HTC Sync. Take advantage of WiFi connectivity and its 5MP camera w/auto focus and video capture. Social networking is a breeze with easy access to your Favorite contacts, YouTube and Facebook. The Droid Eris by HTC is the ultimate in customizable handset that puts the customer at the center and it’s all about you, you, and you…

DROID is a trademark of Lucasfilm Ltd. and its related companies. Used under license. "

Note: "Buy One, Get One Free" or "Buy One, Get Up to 4 Free" promotions are limited to 1 set per order. You can place a separate order to take advantage of additional promotions.

You can buy a Droid Eris from WireFly for $49.99 if this deal isn't for you. They also have special pricing for the Droid by Motorola. Check it out.


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