A Review of the Golf Score Card Android Phone Application

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For golf players there is nothing more tedious than having to write down their score on a sheet of paper or standard score card. They have to make certain they don't lose their writing tool or score card as they travel the length of the course and they have to be make certain their numbers are legible. There are many apps available for download that take care of this from an electronic angle but few are a solid and reliable as the Golf Score Card Android app.

It's a common occurrence. You are walking the lengths of the course of choice for the day and your pen gets lost, your score card is damaged, or something similar happens that causes a minor annoyance. To repair this situation may require a decision on both parties to simply write down on a new score card what they believe their scores to be. With the Golf Score Card Android app this is no longer a concern. As long as the android powered mobile device using the app is functional the score will never be lost.

Further, unlike a traditional score card there are many upcoming bells and whistles for this app coming down the pipeline in the future. Such functionality as sharing score cards with friends over the net and the ability to be used for varying golf games such as disc golf make it stand out. Currently images of the score card can be saved for later review and are less likely to be lost than a typical score card that can be easily damaged or otherwise impaired.

This simple and effective app is easy to utilize and utilitarian in performance. while there are many bells and whistles considered for adding onto it in the future the app excels at performing the primary function it was designed for. It keeps score well and with a save function it manages to remain useful between series of games played to show improvements and declines in skill.

The Golf Score Card Android app is perfect for any golfer interested in improving their game by focusing on their weak points. It is useful for a variety of separate game types such as minigolf, nine hole golf, discus golf, as well as tournament and standard eighteen hole play. The program works well and does not malfunction as long as the machine it is installed on has been properly maintained and has an appropriate up to date operating system.

One of the primary reasons people adore this app is that it is a small one hundred fifty-three kilobyte download. An app that performs all the essential functions of a score card without the downside of using a physical one is something that continually draws many people to the Golf Score Card Android app. While it is utilitarian in its purpose without a large amount of sidereal benefits it is very good at doing its primary function. The best reason to use this app is for the express pupose of its existence. It is a solidly programmed and fully functioning electronic gold score card app.

Overall it is a solid four out of five. Once the new functionality that is slated to be added into it is released then it may very well achieve the true perfection that only exists at the five star level.


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