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We are in no way claiming to be the official Droid Website. Droid is a partnership between Verizon, Motorola and Google. This site IS NOT associated with Google owned companies, tools or support..
We are a Verizon and Motorola affiliate and post links given to us by the said companies. Any images and or copyrighted names are owned by there respected owners and are on this site for display purposes only. We make no claims to others copyrights or trademarks. "Droid" by itself is copyrighted by LucasFilms and licensed to the Manufacturers.

As said above we are affiliates of said companies, but we are not paid to endorse,or judge product. We tell it like it is and are not paid for our opinions. Simply put we get paid when users click on a ad or purchase from a sponsor. That's how we can provide the original content on Droid Cell Phone and purchase the devices to test.
As a part of this websites functions is to offer products for sale via off site merchants and websites. Though we try to insure links leading off site are secure it is the users responsibility to read and understand that sites policies. We assume no liability when a user leaves this site to visit another website.

Any offers that are posted on this website are subject to terms of merchant making that offer. We have no control of a users relationship with merchants that have offers on this website. Prices and service offered by merchants are those of those merchants or affiliate links.