Adding Android Video And Knowledge Base To Site Very Soon

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If you have been with us for any period of time you may have heard us discuss the future of Droid Cell Phone. With any website we are going through a beta process. This would include us watching where our users are coming from and what they are reading etc. You can help usĀ  by linking to this site from your blog, MySpace Page, FaceBook, Twitter or wherever you socialize online. When we see incoming links we can see what users want.

Our beta process also helps us determine which direction to take as we move forward. One of the trends we see is users of Android Phones looking for "How To" and "Best Apps" information. This has prompted us to begin the development of a knowledge base and a Video How To series.

We hope to reorganize the website and have a place for these new features very soon. For now you can view the Video's on our Droid Cell Phone YouTube Channel. We are just getting started so make sure you subscribe to get updates from YouTube. Feel free to comment on the video's. You will notice that I'm making the how to's . I am no rock star when it comes to making video. We may hire someone to do them for us to make them more professional.

Even though we have only been live for a short period of time we have seen thousands of users everyday. You may remember us being down a couple times. That was us not watching bandwidth usage. My Bad.

We have received a couple emails asking why we don't allow comments. Well the answer is spam. We have been building websites like this for many years and comment spam is a huge problem. This is just another reason to consider us a beta site. We are moving slow to see what happens. As of today comments will be allowed, but need to be approved.

A final note: I (Bill) have been watching the development of Android since the very first day. I have been sitting back and watching to see what will happen. Now that the OS is being embraced this site will grow very fast. We are starting to develop some applications and are participating in the Open Source Movement. We hope to become a real authority on the Internet for Android.

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