Adobe Flash Makes Up With Apple Thanks To Developers Pressure

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Adobe Flash CS5If your part of the group who said avoid flash on sites and apps you should look at the stock maket. Apple said they are loosening rules about compatibility with other phones like Android. This has opened the door for companies like Adobe which thrive on being able to run on all devices and PC's.

According to Bloomberg stocks where up %8 to $31.00 10:30AM est at Adobe. Now that the cross compatibility issue seems to be getting resolved.

No doubt this change in attitude is partly due to developers leaving the Apple iPhone App field and moving into Linux and Android. All one needs to do is check out some developers forums like XDA. Not all but most developer forums are ramped with people who got taken out to the trash with Adobe back in April 2010. Needless to say their where lots of pissed off developers.

It was just a couple months previous in April 2010 that Steve Jobs publicly said Adobe can take a hike. His comments where brutal and very public. Check it out on this iPhone Blog we found. Some are thinking Steve has began loosing his mind. He must have found it.

Adobe software sales is what benefits in this situation. Developers can now use CS5 to build apps and website with relative easy. Keep in mind that app builders mainly use Eclipse and the App Inventor. This is just another tool, but a needed one. Android App Inventor invites began going out in August 2010. We where one of the lucky ones who received one.

We are also hearing that Verizon Wireless Droid X and some other devices will begin shipping with Flash built in. Now users need to get the Flash Solution in the Android Market. Reports of some earlier Droid Phones slowing down after the install which most likely is a hardware issue.

There once was a time when big American companies would share patented technology through licensing. Over the last decade these relationships have all but disappeared. The tack has come about and more towards a cold wind of lawyers and lawsuits. It would certainly be nice if Apple stays on the sharing course and play nice with others.

Can we trust Apple to maintain this new openness? We need to look at the history of the company. Over the years Apple has become inclusive and locked down. They charge a fee for just about everything. They have also put a collar around the necks of musicians with iTunes. Then there's DMR and being able to move music around that you already purchased. The list go's on and on how Apple takes its ball and go's home. So at the very least we need to watch very carefully the moves Apple makes over the next few weeks and months. If they turn and pull the plug again a hail storm will crush many soles.


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