Alice Android App Centers Its Purpose On Locating Local Events

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Alice is an Android app that centers its purpose on locating local events of interest for the social oriented individual. With this app a mobile device owner can find any gig such as concerts and the various music stars of interest that will be performing in a nearby venue.

The app can be configured readily to create a detailed watch list for anything of specific interest or the Alice android app can be set to automatically create one based on the music artists listed on your mobile device. If the mobile device owner has a LastFM account that automatic watch list can also be created utilizing that data as well.

Of further interest is the fact the owner of the Alice app can search or browse for events and artists in the manner of a regular gig guide. They can view maps of the area to locate the venue, buy tickets, send or receive email about events and look for artists in a similar genre among other things.

The Alice Android app is connected to both LastFM and BandsInTown. This provides excellent event coverage and allows up to the minute changes in venue and scenario.

This Android app is for any individual that loves going to concerts or at the very least enjoys being the hub of the social scene when it comes to doling out information regarding upcoming events. A mobile device owner that enjoy music and concerts can’t go wrong with purchasing this little gig guide gem.


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