Amazon Begins Samsung Captivate Deal For 1 Cent

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Android Phones On AmazonAn amazing deal for one of the best new Android Phones. Only a few days after the Samsung Captivate launched on AT&T Amazon decided to drop the price to just one cent .01.
Of course its for new accounts activated through their site with 2 year contract. These deals are popping up faster and faster as each New Android Phone Launches. could be a Merridie of reasons. The market is saturated with people who just signed new contracts seems to be the biggest reason. A great deal if you have just decided to sign a new contract.

The Samsung Galaxy S series of Android Phones has become repeated the world over with slight variations for each phone released from the company. The major differences are in the look of the cell phone body. However, each does have different functionality. The Galaxy S, Captivate, Epic 4G, Fascinate, and Vibrant are all parts of this line.

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