Android 2.1 OTA Update For Motorola Droid Is Evolution Working

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There has been a great deal of hype surrounding the upcoming Android 2.1 OTA update for the Droid. The SDK for 2.1 was released on January 11, 2010. The hype and annoyance people are leveling at Motorola for continually pushing back the release date of their next update, the much vaunted Android 2.1, that has been anticipated and lusted after for nearly a month. All this has left lots of time for rumors to circulate.

One particular rumor that seems to be persistent is that the Eris will receive it before the Droid. This does make a certain kind of sense due to the fact that the Eris has labored under the 1.5 framework for months now and badly needs and update of this type to remain current. Despite their complaints, however, the buzz still proves that people are very interested in the promised updates as well as a few desired bug fixes that might be added to the over the air update.

The Android 2.1 OTA update for the Droid is cited to have several upgrades for the Droid. Some of the most sought after updates are true voice recognition, a fully integrated virtual keyboard that will be made larger to accommodated quick typists, a 3D gallery that utilizes finger swipes. The addition of more home screens is sure improve the UI as well.

The voice recognition system is tied into the virtual keyboard and involves a single finger swipe across the virtual keyboard before dictating the information you wish to send. The update will apparently allow the Droid to truly understand English so that typing will not be required.

The Upgraded virtual keyboard will feature auto-correct and auto-complete features that allow mobile device owner's to send more professional seeming text messages. The individual keys will be larger and possibly more responsive as well.

The 3D gallery is something many individuals have wanted for a while as it will allow for a much greater variety of usage in their multimedia functions. The Droid will be able to take all of the owner's photos and videos as well as album art and other images from their Picasa Web albums account online. They will then be displayed via three-dimensional stacks that will slightly move in a manner the phone is tilted. To scroll through the chosen media all that is required will be a single finger flick or slide. This will allow the app user to choose a thumbnail version of what they want from their media. Once the object of their interest is located a simple finger tap will select and expand it for playback or viewing. To share media such as pictures or the app user will need to perform a long-press on the object to transfer. This can be done for single images or bulks transfers when using Facebook, MMS, and E-mail.

The Android 2.1 OTA Update for Droid has been long awaited and with the many updates the new version will bring many wonder at the direction Motorola is taking. Some cite that they would prefer more bug fixes over other types of updates, for instance. However, they still await the next update with baited breath because it has been promised and they desire to see how things will go.

The addition of home screen will surly improve the user interface experience. As users find more ways to incorporate the Droid Phone into all aspects of life real estate on home screens is prime. We have seen 6 home screens on flashed updates, but we hope for more in the 2.1 OTA Update. Not holding our breath though.

While the date for the OTA update has been pushed back twice now, first from January 22, 2010 to February 12, 2010 and from then it was determined that it would be released "soon", the functionality the update represents continues to draw interest. There are several interesting facets to the update and as with all OTA updates any Motorola Droid owner will be able to simply shut down their phone and turn it back on to receive a prompt for downloading the update. The only charge discussed is the typical connection fee for downloading anything.

The three primary reasons individuals are interested in the new Android 2.1 OTA update for Motorola Droid phone users are not the only upgrades that will be occurring once the new additions go live. There are several more customer's might find interesting and useful. Notable additions are pinch to zoom, map updates, improvements to battery life, and so much more.

The multi-touch features that many Verizon Droid owners have been desiring are finally coming to their preferred mobile device. Pinch to zoom will make its way to the Motorola Droid along with its other touch enhanced features and higher sensitivity to such. Pinch to zoom is most often cited as being used with Google maps and similar applications but it can be used with other downloaded app software as well. Speaking of Google maps will go live with the new Android 2.1 OTA update for Motorola Droid phone usage. While some individuals do not see what the fuss is about others enjoy the face that they will have a more accurate map system that has greater sensitivity and capacity to actually locate what they desire to find.

There are supposed to be other updates designated by Motorola for the Droid. One of the most hoped for of these is an extension to the battery life by means of making the operating system more energy efficient. How much of an improvement isn't really specified and Motorola has recently removed its update list citing that it was placed online too soon and was never meant to be released at the time it was.

Some individuals are fascinated and thankful that the news and weather widgets that appeared on the Nexus One phone will actually make their way to the Droid. These widgets are quite advanced and accurate for what they do so at least people will always have access to the local environmental conditions and news casting if they so choose.

This is either a relief or an annoyance to people that are eagerly awaiting this update due to the fact that two omissions on the update list were the 3D rotating grid app screens and live wallpapers. Understandably this would only be a primarily cosmetic omission but disallowing something like this has started many rumors about the legalities and Capacity of the Droid to use the full android 2.1 OS.

Rumors generated about cell phone updates always run rampant online. Some websites are notorious for starting them and in the words of some individuals they are likened to "twelve year old schoolgirls giggling in the bathroom". However, the strange truth is that many of the rumors started are based in reality even if specifics might be missing. One of the most noted and feared rumors is that certain functionality types, such as live wallpapers, will only be available to Google Phones. The reason for this rumor is that mechanically speaking the hardware of the Motorola Droid is more than capable of handling live wallpaper updates and rotating 3D grid icons.

The other version of that exclusion rumor is simply that the update list really was sent out too early and the omission of these two capacities was in fact just that, an omission. The rumor mongers that speak of this cite the fact once again that the Droid is entirely capable of handling this type of software programming. In the end only time and the actual update will quell these rumors.

Over the last few weeks we have heard of some users having the Android 2.1 Update drop to there phones. In fact we received the Google Maps update. Still waiting for the OS though. We suspect that some of the reports are developers flashing the update in order to test there apps. It has also been in a couple videos floating around the web were users have flashed 2.1. We don't recommend flashing 2.1, but it is available. The reason we don't recommend forcing the update is that it most probably not complete. Unless you are a developer there is no reason to.

Its understandable that users are growing impatient waiting. Think of it like this: The Droid and Android are evolving and that takes time. We are fortunate to have devices that will be updated as long as we own them. That is very cool. It may take awhile, but as a Droid Phone owner you will always get the newest software on your mobile Phone. What more can we need? Really! lets us know what you think Droid need next.


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