Are Google Glasses Coming To Police Departments Near You

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This is kind of a frightening story. First we have to say there is no evidence that police are not using Google Glasses yet. Yet in the keyword here.

Police are looking to use Google glass as law enforcement tool. So now beyond license plate reader, cameras at stop lights citizens can be profiled as police move. Possibly under the guise of public safety.

Google Glass

Google Glass has been the center of privacy debates since its debut. This isn't somebody having fun on there vacation goofing off with the wearable tech. The police will have facial recognition software over time. This may give them the ability to check each and every person they come in contact with. The police could even check your drivers license photo against parking tickets or excise tax databases.

NYPD Police have already been experimenting with Google Glass and said they want to walk into a room and been able to instantly check everyone for warrants.
Recently according to the New York Post the NYPD has started to experiment on the capabilities of the Glass in “patrol purposes” . Whats been said is that the NYPD currently has only a few pairs of the device , but the department wants to use the Glass to walk into a room in the midst of an investigation and search for warrants about people in their field of view.

Yes Google Glass terms of service says your not to use facial recognition software with the device. That doesn't mean the police won't develop software. Police departments can and do develop software to share information among themselves all the time.

Google has said they do not work directly with law enforcement. They do comply with request for information with court orders.

Google Glass Price is $1'500.00 plus tax. Those wanting to participate must sign up on a waiting list and that won't guarantee you a set. If you have the cash and want to sign up go Here

Many people cry about the American Civil Liberties Union and what they do. This is certainly an instance that we all might come to love them. It also seems as everyday people have thrown their arms in the air on privacy issues. Privacy is something America is based on and not too many people are standing up for it these days.


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