As a GPS Device, Motorola Droid Shines According To

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The reviews for the Motorola Droid A855 continue to come in. Even months after the Droids from Stealth Fighters great things are being said. Recently weighed in on the built in navigation aspect of the Smartphone.

"As a GPS Device, Motorola Droid Shines".

"Unlike the maps on the iPhone, Google Maps Navigation has the same bells and whistles you’d find on standalone GPS units and expensive iPhone apps, plus a few surprises the others don’t have. It’s in an interesting package."

The reviewer mentions that The Motorola Droid is the most popular and that's why they used it. The Droid Navigation Function is in beta now and is only available on some phones. The A855, Nexus One, and The Incredible.

"If you’re looking for a navigation and phone combo, the Droid with Google Maps Navigation seems like the perfect choice. The handset has some drawbacks, but if you’re not an iPhone user or if you are a Verizon subscriber, it is a great option. Verizon’s wireless site lists nearly 7,500 consumer reviews for the Droid with an average score of 4.5 stars out of 5." Source


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