Ben And Jerrys Cherry Garcia Froyo Tasting and Review

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Yummy stuff Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia Ice Cream is so why wouldn't the frozen yogurt be? Good news for all of us looking to eat better. It is.
The Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia Froyo is just as good if not better than the ice cream version. The pint of Froyo was packed with cherry's and sweet, just as the original. Much lighter the dairy version which could be dangerous. Delicious to say the least.
Living in Boston we are known for eating more ice cream than any other part of America. Trips to the beaches of Cape Cod are filled with stops at 4Seas Ice Cream in Craigville Beach. We can honestly say after eating lots of home made products The B&Js Froyo is a treat you don't want to pass up.
Froyo and frozen yogurt are as much a San Francisco thing as Jerry Garcia. Its only fitting that the bear have a Froyo. We miss you Bear.


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