Best Buy Ready For Galaxy S5 Launch

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Galaxy S5 Pre Order

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At MWC (Mobile World Congress) in Spain Samsung announced the release date for the Galaxy S5 for April 11, 2014.

The highlights of the Samsung Galaxy S5 are dust and water resistant 5.1-inch Full HD Super AMOLED screen and Finger Print Scanner for unlock phone. Though the abuse resistant screen is cool the Finger Print Unlock function will eliminate the swipe unlock. Swiping is getting old and tedious at times.

Best Buy has begun a text campaign to alert customers about availability on its Samsung Galaxy S5 Launch Page
icon. This would lead us to believe a pre order day will be announced soon.

For us giving permission to Best Buy to text people is kinda crazy. Your agreeing to get marketed to on your phone. We prefer the laptop or Smartphone with email notifications method. Old School.




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