Boston Herald Review, Droid Incredible Definitely Holds Its Own

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The Incredible is turning heads to say the least. When major publications start reviewing technology its for two reasons normally. To ride the train of hype or for business readers. Whichever the reason large traditional newspapers can get their hands on devices and write decent reviews.
"Droid Incredible phone definitely holds its own"

"Incredible's multitasking Android operating system is a breeze to learn"

"While it would be a stretch for me to call any phone incredible, this one certainly can hold its own against the iPhone, and other devices."

These quotes say loads for the Verizon Wireless Smartphone as the traditional mainstream publications are only now learning of Android.
The Herald has had some issues with staying in business over the last couple years, as most traditional publishers have. They are new to getting their content to the web. We hope they have success.


Fascinated by Android and Droid Phones

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