Buddy Runner Android App Great For Workouts and Weight Loss

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Buddy Runner is the ultimate personal trainer For Android Phones. Customers can use the free app to track workouts and record routes, distances, times and pace. Automatic postings to Facebook® Friends Feed and Twitter allow customers to share weight loss workouts with friends and family, The audio feedback of workout progress makes it easy to improve training.

We have reviewed a couple workout apps and Buddy Runner is as easy to use as any of the others. Unlike other training apps we have reviewed though this app is solely for runners. Where as Cardio Trainer can be used cycling and has specific weight loss add ons. Once users complete a run the App instantly gets a overview of statistics and route map on the Droid Cell Phone screen. The Application then uploads the workout to the Buddy Runner User Dashboard. (if set up in settings)

The Buddy Runner dashboard is where users can review and share workouts and training with others if they want. The dashboard is well laid out and make it easy to very the latest workout or user history. Each run has a "Run Card" which acts like a blog or social network post. Users can write notes or a summary of the run and friends can leave comments.

Each run also has separate displays with graphs that show the runners pace, a elevation graph, and the runners route laid over a map. User have the ability to view and compare the latest run to a personal best side by side and on a graph.

Buddy Runner also allows users to make the dashboard private. When someone does manage to get to the URL they only see a log in page.

This Application has multiple setting within Android Phones. User can set up personal accounts set them up by, syncing, pace, email, display format, units and weight, audio feedback, security and much.

The Buddy Runner Application is well suited for someone training for the Boston Marathon or everyday runners. Whatever the users intended personal application the configuration can be personalized for them. The user interface is also very useful for those on weight loss programs by keeping track of calories burned. We love how users can listen to music and get updates about there training as well.

Defiantly one of the cool apps for droid.

Please lets others know what you think of this app by leaving a comment. We truly appreciate your patronage.


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