Bug Reporting And Feedback For Android Market

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As Android and Google prepairs to launch the latest update, Froyo 2.2 the market place is changing. User can send bug reports that will land up in the developers in box.
Google announce at I/O 2010 that a new user interface is being launched and it would appear bug and crash reporting will be part of it.
When an app freezes or stops responding, the user can send a bug report to the developer with a click of a button, right from their phone. The new button appears in the application error dialog. If the user chooses to click it, the Google Feedback client running on the device will analyze the offending application and write a report with information needed to diagnose it. The system is set up with user privacy in mind. The Android App developer will not receive information which could identify the user in any way. The user can also preview all information that will be sent.
Reports are or will be made available in the Android Device users control panel.


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