Buying Cell Phones As A Gift Without The Contract Hassles Is Easy

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How dose someone buy a Android Phone as a gift without putting the burden of a contract on the giftie. You can we buy a unlocked Droid Phone as a gift with Verizon Wireless Prepay

The answer to these question is Yes, Yes and Yes. Since Android is a open source smartphone OS gift givers have many options. First as a Android Cell Phone buyer you need to ask yourself some questions.
Dose the recipient use a Cell Phone Network that uses 4G or 3G technology?
Dose the giftie already pay for and use a 3G wireless network?
If the answer is yes to either question then its very easy to purchase any Android or any phone for that matter as a gift. These methods apply to buying any cell phone as a gift.

Look for online retailers that offer No Contract Cell Phones. Verizon and Motorola both offer mobile phones at full price without contracts. You can also use a pay as you go plan at Verizon. If you prefer T Mobile we recommend They can set up just about any plan on any network.  WireFly also offer serious discounts on Android Phones. Lower than anywhere else. Retailers like Walmart cant even match WireFly.

When going for a unlocked Android Phone or any Cell Phone there are two major players. Amazon and eBay. Using either of these sites for phone purchases is very popular among us Phone Geeks.

amazon Phone Store

Click For Amazon Phone Store is experiencing a huge resurgence in use. They have really put lots of work into the site and made shopping easy as it can be. Amazon has also taken on major retailers in a price war saying they will beat any price anywhere and ship it faster and cheaper. We really like Amazon around here.

Amazon Wireless is the E commerce's website reincarnation for mobile only shoppers. Amazon Mobile Specials for 2011 include 1penny activations and $100.00 gift cards on some phones.

Update: Amazon Wireless has closed. The website has reverted back to it's older format. Heres All Phones For Sale On Amazon



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