Can A Smartphone Take On All Comers Without Flinching-Droid Does

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Sounds like Stacey Keach doesn't it/ Don't think it is though. Yet another Verizon Droid Commercial released.

The Droid are carrying a cargo bay full of the Best Droid Apps to take on all its competition. Apps that maximixe the functions of your phone. Apps that run with other apps. Multitasking and taking names.

All available in the ever expanding Android Market. When there is no limit to what Droid Gets, theres no limit to what Droid Does.

Limitless Power. Endless Possibilities. DROID Apps. See what it feels like to have a cargo bay of intelligent apps at your fingertips. Explore the DROID appsphere, and start downloading the infinite possibilities.


Fascinated by Android and Droid Phones

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