FCC Cheif Thinks Regulation Of Internet Service Providers Should Happen

FCC Cheif

(Bloomberg) — U.S. Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler said he will propose using utility-style rules to ensure Internet service providers don’t interfere with subscribers’ Web traffic. Wheeler, in an article published Wednesday on Wired.com, also said he would apply […]

Samsung Unpacked 2015 Could Reveal Newest Galaxy S Phone and Gear

Samsung Unpacked 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6 rumors spreading as Unpacked Event gets closer. Just before the 2015 MWC or Mobile World Congress events Samsung will have its annual Unpacked event in Barcelona, Spain. Many in the industry are hoping for a new Galaxy […]

Moto X College Collection With $60.00 Student and Alumni Discount

Collage Smartphone

Motorola the Google Phone maker is now offering licensed brands of your favorite collage teams.   Taking advantage of March Madness no doubt. This annual frenzy over brackets in the NCAA Tournament has millions of participants including President Obama. Many […]

Internet Executives Hot About Privacy Go To DC and Safeplug Going Mainstream

Safeplug Box

As we all know the issue of privacy has become a hot topic. This week a group of hot shots descended on Washington DC. The topic, is how it will affect their business. According the the Washington Post Zuckerberg of […]

Are Google Glasses Coming To Police Departments Near You

Google Glass

This is kind of a frightening story. First we have to say there is no evidence that police are not using Google Glasses yet. Yet in the keyword here. Police are looking to use Google glass as law enforcement tool. […]

New Roku Stick VS Google Chromecast Video

Roku Stick

The IP Online TV Wars are heating up. Roku was the go to streaming set top box until Chromecast came along. Yes Apple TV is also huge but for those who are on a budget Chromcast and Roku are the […]

Prepaid Rollover Data Plans Come To Verizon Wireless So Users Are ALLSET

Rollover Prepaid Data Plan

Over the last several months all the American mobile carriers have been introducing new payment plans. Now that most of the market is saturated mobile companies are trying to lure customers away from the competition. Verizon appears to be targeting […]

Will Samsung Loading Free Gifts To Galaxy S5 Increase Sales or Bloat Your phone

Samsung Galaxy S5

Some would say that Galaxy S4 was a non launch. Samsung appears to be trying to stop those kind of comments in their tracks for the Galaxy S5 launch. The company has announced they will be adding over $500.00 of […]

Will Updates on Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Smartwatch Make You Want to Buy One

Galaxy Gear 2 Smartwatch

The Galaxy Gear from Samsung has achieved a new level of active wear perfection with the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2. The first iteration of the Samsung Galaxy smart watch was blockier and a bit oversized. People still found the idea […]

Best Buy Ready For Galaxy S5 Launch


At MWC (Mobile World Congress) in Spain Samsung announced the release date for the Galaxy S5 for April 11, 2014. The highlights of the Samsung Galaxy S5 are dust and water resistant 5.1-inch Full HD Super AMOLED screen and Finger […]

Moto X Now $99.00 at Verizon Wireless

Moto X Deals

The Moto X can now be customized with Moto Maker for Verizon Wireless customers. Not only that the Made in American Smartphone is $99.00. Its true check out the Moto X Link on Verizon Wireless. Create a Moto X that […]

Top 100 Gifts Report Shows Most Wished For Electronics on Amazon Feature Android or Chrome

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Advertisement That’s right 6 of the top 10 most wished for electronics on Amazon have Android installed. After we heard this we decided to jump into action and do a little research. Amazon is the worlds largest eCommerce site in […]

Is Teen Cell Phone Contract A Good Choice To Keep Kids Safe

Teen Phone Contract

Do You Need A Teen Cell Phone Contract To Keep Your Kads Safe. Some Say Yes Some Say just Secure Your Smartphones With These Apps.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Hits 40 Million Worldwide Sales 6 Months After Launch

Samsung Galaxy S4 Review Page

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Android Phone has sold over 40 million units. The company sold an impressive 10 million Galaxy S4 Smartphones within 30 days of launch. That was less than 6 months prior. This all according to Engadget via […]

Samsung Upping Game In Wearable Technology With Glasses

Google Glass Review

Bloomberg TV recently broadcast a story about Samsung taking wearable technology to eye glasses. The company registered a design in South Korea for eyeglasses that can show information from a smartphone and enable users to take calls. All technology companies […]

Verizon Wireless Price Drop Lets You Update To Droid Maxx, Droid Mini or Droid Ultra For Zero Down

Verizon Droid Phone Sale

Advertisement Verizon Wireless just recently announced the price drop on the Newest Droid Phones. Update To Droid Maxx, Droid Mini or Droid Ultra For Zero Down and as low as $16.81 a month. So if you want Newest Droid Phone […]

HTC One Max With Finger Print Technology Release Date Announced for October 15

HTC Android Phones

The HTC One Max will launch on October 15 with finger print technology. HTC Corp. is set to unveil the HTC One Max, which will have a fingerprint sensor among other features, on Oct. 15, two people familiar with the […]

Nearly 40 Percent Admit to Checking Their Phone On The Toilet.


The fact that Nearly 40% admit to checking their phone while on the toilet is pretty gross really. Both Dr Phil and Dr Oz have done shows on the “Splash Effect”. Just taking care of these personal duties is inherent […]

PC Magazine Calls Moto X Best One Handed Android Phone

PC Magazine has been a technology go to for nerds for decades. When PC Magazine Calls Moto X Best One Handed Android Phone we certainly value there opinion on just about any piece of technology. We hear where they are […]

Medical Apps To Be Designated As Medical Devices And Regulated By FDA

FDA Regulations

If you use any kind of medical app that could be used for a diagnosis the FDA want to regulated it. The Federal Government wants to regulate and likely tax Medical Apps as a Medical Device would be. Obama Care! […]

Samsung Eletronics Launching Smartphone With Curved Screen in October 2013

Samsung Phone Guides

Samsung Mobile is launching a curved screened smartphone according to Reuters. Curved screens have been rumored to be coming to Samasung Phones since the last CES. Curved screens and flexible screens have been on our radar for some time now. […]

Is Android Blackberry In The Works


Poor Blackberry. The stock has fallen off a cliff and the user base has been reduced to Government and Enterprise users. Android has taken the boots to Blackberry over the last 5 years. Fairfax Financial Holdings is offering $9.00 a […]

Video Of American Made Moto X Winning Drop Test Among iPhone 5C 5S and Galaxy S4

Drop TEst Moto X

According to the obvious results of the video drop test done by phone insurer Square Trade the Moto X Android is most durable. Square Trade drops, dunks and slides the mobile devices. The combination of all these tests will determine […]

Fantasy Football For Money Comes to Your Mobile Phone

Mobile Betting

With football Season comes football betting. Everyone bets in some form or another. It could be which new Android Phone will launch next or you favorite football or sports team. Office pools and squares at your local bar have been […]

Nexus 5 Leaked Image of Next Google Phone

Nexus 5 Leaked images

A Nexus 5 was found in a bar. What not a iPhone 6? Really is it just another hoax online. Nothing new here. Move along. Famous words but for the fact that the phone appears to be a real Nexus […]