CNET Editors Choice Award Gos To The HTC Droid Incredible (Review)

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When you put an adjective like Incredible in a product name, it better deliver the goods, and the HTC Droid Incredible for Verizon certainly does that and then some. The smartphone boasts the latest capabilities of Android 2.1, which are then enhanced by HTC Sense. However, what's most impressive about this device is its speed; it's hands-down one of the fastest smartphones we've ever tested. When you combine that with the sleek design and robust features, well, that's when you have an Editors' Choice Award winner on your hands.
Droid Incredible received Editors Choice Seal in April 2010. The award is given to exceptional technology every month. Recieving the Editors Choice from CNet is a honor especially when your device has only been out a week or two. We have only included a snapshot of the review which mirrors most all other HTC Droid Incredible Reviews. The title are all similar. Best New Smartphone, Best Rated Smartphone, Best Droid, Incredible Is True Super Phone, Best HTC Droid, and they go on. We haven't read one bad review about any The Incredible Cell Phone.

Out of everything, though, the one aspect of the Droid Incredible that absolutely knocked our socks off is general performance. The smartphone is armed with a 1GHz Snapdragon processor and 512MB ROM and 512MB RAM and the Droid Incredible was one of the most responsive and fastest Android devices; heck, one of the fastest smartphones in general, that we've tested to date. The handset handled every task we threw at it without stumbling, and even with six open apps open, the Incredible never slowed down.
Just like the Legend and Desire, the Droid Incredible runs the newer version of HTC Sense, which was announced at Mobile World Congress 2010. This includes a revamped mail widget that can take you to a list view of all your e-mail instead of just one message at a time. Once in the mail app, there's a handy tabbed interface at the bottom that lets you view unread messages, attachments, meeting invites, and more with a simple touch. The Agenda widget also now displays your whole agenda on the screen, and like the HTC HD2, you get an animated weather widget right on the home screen that automatically displays the current conditions based on your location. Source [CNET.COM]


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