Connecting Droid Incredible To TV And See Screen Or Watch Movies

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Our friends over at WireFly have come up one of the most impressive things you can do with The Droid Incredible. When they connect the Phone to a TV something special happens. Walla you can see the HTC Incredibles Screen. Then they start to show a movie.
Being able to harness the power of the phone when traveling will be the most used function as far as we can see. Other applications this could offer is awe inspiring, but some could be presentation for work or school and training people how to use the Droid Phones.
We where unable to find this elusive cable on the WireFly Website. We are looking hard though. Subscribe to our RSS and be the first to know when the cable is found. We did find one Video Out Cable that we think is micro-USB X RCA. Its the COWON AV (TV out) cable on Amazon , but have no idea if it will work.


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