Consumer Reports iPhone 4 Slap Will Increase Android Usage

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While the market war between Apple and pretty much the rest of the communications technology market continues unabated a decisive blow might have finally been struck. This telling strike did not come from Apple's closest competition. It came from their own design and manufacturing centers. The iPhone4's most notable design flaw is a telling point in the trade wars. With the recent announcement made by the well respected internet site ConsumerReports.Org, Apple's die hard fan base will have to deal with the reality of the newest iPhone offering. Consumer Reports does not recommend it.

The blog that Consumer Reports put out on their discoveries in regards to the iPhone4 details several reasons why the phone simply cannot be recommended. The most prominent issue was the 'death-grip' antenna issue that many have claimed to exist. Apple had been noted on record as making several excuses for the flaw. In some instances they even cited improper holding of the product as the reason. The truth is much simpler than that. Consumer Reports has proven that the antenna design is inherently flawed. The death-touch does exist. If an iPhone4 user presses down, or even lightly touches, the lower left side of one of these phones it will severely degrade signal strength. Pressing down on this spot can also immediately drop a call if the area has a naturally weak signal strength anyway. For left handed users this usage issue is incredibly easy to cause to occur.

Consumer Reports went on record as citing the method of trial. They purchased three iphone4's from different retailers in separate parts of New York City. They used them in their radio frequency isolation chamber by attaching them to their base-station emulator. A radio frequency isolation chamber keeps the area free of any outside signal sources. It is sort of like a clean room for radio frequencies. A base station emulator simulates cell phone carrier waves. During the test of the iPhone4 there were tests for other phones as well. These phones included the iPhone 3G S and the Palm Pre. The signal loss problems plaguing the iPhone4 were not in-evidence with the other phones used during these trials.

This test revealed a great number of truths about the situation. Apple had proclaimed the issue to be caused by an optical illusion caused by faulty software which mistakenly displays two more bars than it is designed to. The fact that the other phones worked fine in the simulation also sheds new light on the claims that AT&T's network might be to blame for signal loss issues. The other phones used had no signal issue. The iPhone4 had signal issues during the test. The same strength of signal was used during each iteration of the test. It takes no genius to suspect AT&T might not be the one at fault.

The Consumer Reports site went on to suggest using either masking tape or a cell phone case if an individual felt they had to purchase the iPhone4. They also suggest purchasing an older iPhone 3G S instead.

There is no secret to the fact that this means a great deal of business for the Android crowd. The fact that the various high-end manufacturers of cell phones using this software platform have to deal with its open source nature provides ample room for rivalry. This rivalry forces each company to make certain their products work properly without add-ons before they are shipped. The close race in the communications technology between HTC, Motorola, Google, and Apple is not one that can allow for a company to fall behind. As it stands right now such devices as the Droid X and Evo stand as technological pinnacles in the communications field. The flaw evidenced in Apple's newest iPhone is not something as simple as an easily scratched casing or a poorly chosen color scheme. The very nature of these devices is for communication and transferring ideas. A cell phone that drops signal strength simply by touching it is not just a technological failure. Such a mobile device is a symbol of everything that is wrong with Apple's philosophy of innovation.

The truth is that Apple has been losing its stranglehold on the technology market for many years now. They've had terrible launch support whenever a new device comes out. There are many instances of people having to wait several hours to several days before actually being able to use their phone after purchasing the latest apple device. The company is out of touch with its fans and this is proven with its 'innovations'. They sue people over copyrighted material and designs that they themselves are being sued over by other companies claiming they stole the technology from them.

The Android based companies, however, rarely have such issues. They are constantly struggling against each other due to the open nature of the software license. This has lead to a type of rivalry that also seems to lend a friendly atmosphere in many instances. Each company knows that one of their closet Android based competitors might come out with the next big communications technology innovation. By staying on good terms with them they will be able to use that technology, or something similar, in their own manufacturing and design plans.

The Droid X is a good example of this. It is touted as 'the best' and 'the fastest' internet capable cell phone to date. It is considered by many to be far more than Motorola's answer to the iPhone4. Is capacities make that device nearly irrelevant. In all honesty, the Droid X can do everything the iPhone's latest iteration can do and more. There is also the fact that anyone who owns a Droid X can make a call without wondering whether or not their finger will lightly brush the bottom of their phone and end that call.

Whether the cell phone is Motorola's Droid X or HTC's Evo doesn't matter. The end result is that Android powered companies remember the real power of their technology is about communication. They seem to be eager to relate to their customer base in a way that makes them happy and satisfied. Anyone that wants to buy cell phones from companies that care about communication can buy them from one of the Android based manufacturer's. If someone wants to purchase a phone because of its name they can buy Apple. They might want to consider using a Droid phone though as their friend's iPhone4 might drop their call while they are ordering.


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