Dell Does Cell Phone Market Friday The 13TH With Android Phone

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Dell Mini SmartphoneHere we go again. Dell trying to muscle its way into another technology market. Friday November 13, 2009 Dell announced to the world it was entering partnerships with two of the world’s largest mobile operators.
Dell plans to distribute its new Mini 3 smart phones through China Mobile, the largest telecommunications company in the world with more than 500 million customers, and Claro, which serves more than 42 million people in Brazil as part of the America Movil network.
We are not financial people and have no clue of failure or success's of Dell's other gadgets like MP3 Players and TV's. They are still selling them is all we know. That would indicate the company does have a decent customer base that would consider the new Dell Mini Android Phone.
Does Dell's past experience help them break into the phone market? With the help of The Android Project probably the answer would be, Yes. This is what Android is all about.
This is just one example of how Android Phones will change the way we use our phones. All the, (Or I should Say) "The Other" companies that provide this kind of user experienced are locked down. What I mean is you are lock in. They have your music, your apps, everything locked into there system. With Android users don't need to lock into anything. Users do not even need to sign a contract. They can purchase any android phone anywhere at full price with no contract. Then sign up for a plan at there favorite carrier. If you buy a Android Phone outright you do not need to sign a contract. This will leave you lots of freedom to move around.
Most of us need to start with a contract though. Not many of us have $500.00 plus to buy a phone so starting with a Verizon plan or going through WireFly is a good choice in the beginning. Get the shortest contract you can and after that time you are free to move around with a Android Based OS Cell Phone.
Also users don't need to get a new phone with each software update with Android OS. They just need to update what they have. Being open source you have thousands of users working on problems all at once to find answers. Users can Hack, Crack or Snap Android and have support to do it.

Dell picked the right place to start in our opinion. Welcome to our world Dell :-)


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