Droid Cell Phone March Round Up, Best Apps 4G LTE, Android Updates

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The month was full of choice nuggets of Droid News. Applications, LTE Rollouts, and of course The Droid 2.1 Update where all polarized as Spring arrived.

Gesture Search from Google Labs lets you search your Android-powered device by drawing alphabet gestures on the touch screen. The App lets  users find contacts, bookmarks, applications, or music tracks from hundreds or thousands of items on a phone. It is unique and fun to use.

Where Am I Google App Launched April 1, 2010 so close enough for March Round Up. Go to Google.com on your phone in the US, search for “where am I”, and wonder about your own whereabouts no more. This is a beta app and your location could be miles off, but they are working on it.

Google Maps 4.1 Update GMaps has changed the way people navigate in daily life. The Add the Latitude widget and the Buzz Widget integrate and connect users to friend and family. Now in Maps users can change Google accounts so they can use different Personas. So you can have separate personal and business maps connected to contact lists.

Verizon Wireless Announced 4G Wireless By The End Of 2010 The company has been working hard to Roll Out the 4G LTE. Once the network launched the network users will be able to look forward to even faster connections and advanced tools on their Cell Phones.

Verizon Wireless LTE and Open Development Demos Showing At CTIA Wireless’ 3G broadband network and include ruggedized tablet PCs and handheld computers, routers, a convergence phone, an exciting new product for the vending machine industry, and a new testing solution that offers modular testing options for manufacturers.

Verizon Wireless and Skype Have News Conference At CTIA Verizon Announced and launched a partnership . Users who make lots of calls and long distance phone calls are elated. With Google Voice Invitations being hard to come by Skype makes saving money easy.

March 2010 was a tumultuous  month for those Waiting For The Android 2.1 Update. Though it finally dropped April 1,2010 the time leading up to that point was full of emotions for some. Excitement to disappointment for users anxiously  awaiting what turned out to be a slow roll out.

Some of the expectations those following the 2.1 update where well founded, but others where high. We never actually heard from Verizon about a date and only a couple Face Book postings from Motorola. Not much to go on really. The Android and Cell Phone community did get most of the information right. The date was just a few weeks off to say the least. As far as Verizon Wireless posted the PDF of the update details the network never did give us a date.

The Manual Android 2.1 Update save the masses. Since the update was rooled out so slow many Droid User couldn't wait any longer. The Manual update was the next step. Thanks to the Android community those who couldn't wait any longer without popping the Android 2.1 update and full instructions where posted on the internet. We heard of no issues from those who downloaded and installed the update manually.

The Tiger Woods Camera App For Android Phones Is A Woot This is a little harsh of a review. Its more about making fun of Tiger Woods. The Tiger Woods Camera Android app works in similar regard to the original Obama Cam. There are a wide variety of poses and sometimes awkward positions that Tiger will find himself in during the utilization of this fun program.

Stock Car Spin App This app guarantees quick results and continual data feeds designed to bring every facet of Nascar to the viewing public. Continual updates occur whenever anyone accesses the app and anyone with the program will know the winner of a race and any important information the moment it happens.

Golf Tracks Lite and Pro Android Golf Tracks Lite and Pro Android app is the perfect way to catalog the progress of a golfer and help them understand the way they have been playing. If nothing else the fact that they can use the GPS function to locate the nearest green or a golf course they might not have been aware of will be a reason to utilize this app.

Android Golf Score Card App It's a common occurrence. You are walking the lengths of the course of choice for the day and your pen gets lost, your score card is damaged, or something similar happens that causes a minor annoyance. To repair this situation may require a decision on both parties to simply write down on a new score card what they believe their scores to be.

Google Translate For Animals App So this is likly a April Fools Joke, but this app really works. In respect to function anyway. As far as a true translation of what a cat or dog are saying remains to be seen.
We downloaded and used this entertaining application. Users can find out what Scruffy the Dog or Tom The Cat are thinking. Sometimes the subject may not be thinking what you think their thinking. Maybe they just want to be left alone or they say something deep.


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