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Update: This is our 2010 list for best apps. With so many apps launched since then its only appropriate we build a new one for present day.

Most of the Droid App here are still very relevant. We are rebuilding this website too. Please check out our new home page and guides for New Droid Phones coming out 2013

The Android App Market is growing fast. So it being a little over half way through the years we have put together 25 Best Droid Apps 2010. We looked at the market and research some of the more popular websites to build our list of The Best Android Apps. It is not very scientific by any means, but more of how we view what people are doing with their Apps.

1. Advanced Lie Detector

The advanced Lie Detector is an Android cellphone applications that is designed to determine is someone is lying. This application is free to download. It comes complete with computerized voice stress analysis. It has an algorithm designed to automatically to correlate the analyzed voice with known speech patterns regarding lying or speaking the truth. It is based on publish research from NATO. It is designed to work with mobile phones of all speeds, however it is more accurate with a faster phone.

2. Bible King James Version

The ability to download and view the King James version of the bible on your Droid has become a whole lot easier thanks to this little gem of an app. This cell phone app allows for viewing of the King James Bible offline or online. It comes with ready search capacity, the ability to bookmark, add favorite sections, save to a clipboard, etc. There are many features that make reading the bible that much easier. There are many that would love to simply type in a book of the bible and have it automatically up for them to read. With this free use application it is now possible. For the world traveling christian this is one of the best Droid apps 2010.

3. Bluetooth File Transfer

The Bluetooth File Transfer application is a godsend for people that desire to send their files to and from many different Bluetooth capable devices via their Mobile phones. This Android app allows the user to utilize their cell phone as a browser to explore and manage files for any of their Bluetooth capable devices. It utilizes FTP (file transfer profile) an OPP (Object Push Profile) as it's base software. This app allows for the receipt of files and sending contact lists. Any individual that is interested in both free apps on their phone and a solid Bluetooth FTP will find the best of both worlds with this app.

4. Brain Wave Tuner Lite

The Brain Wave Tuner Lite is a free version of the popular meditation aid application of similar name. It won the 2009 HANDANGO championship award for best health/fitness cell phone app. It is a brainwave simulation application designed to send out music that plays at a frequency which matches that of the Earth itself. This allows for natural headache therapy, sleep induction, and meditation. The ability to utilize self-hypnosis is enhanced with this application. The play time for the simulation is sixty minutes and the ability to take it anywhere on your Droid or similar type cell phone makes it a wonderful download.

5. Budgetroid

The Budgetroid Android app helps the individual that downloads it in several ways. It ends the tedious nature of account monitoring. It keeps track of receipts so they no longer fill your wallet. It will allow the user to type in all of their expense and income related information in real time. This mobile phone app works quickly to compute, calculate, and store information for the user. This allows for a simple, no fuss and bother, system of determining a budget. Those individuals that fear identity theft can take heart in the fact that this free application also comes with password protection and accounts management internet permissions.

6. Car Loan Calculator

There are many people in the world today that are seeking easy to gather information about automobile loans. This had lead to the invention of the Car Loan Calculator. This is a useful free mobile phone application that is designed for exactly this purpose. It allows the user to calculate exactly what the likely monthly payment on a loan will be, as well as typical interest rates and similar concepts. A useful application for anyone that is interested in purchasing a car or determining how much a change in their interest rate will effect their monthly payment plan.

7. Dolphin BrowserHD2

The Dolphin Browser HD2 is one of the best Droid apps 2010. It is a free application that allows the user many features and comforts that some browers do not. It is designed to allow for usage on the most up to date Android operating system. It has on demand options for flash, orientation options, private browsing without history, and similar functions. This browser is all about personal preferences and the prevention of site visit tracking. It can be set as the default browser option for Android 2.2 users and it allows for both an innovative user experience and powerful add-ons later.

8. ESPN Sports Browser

The ESPN Sports Browser is a very popular free Android mobile phone app for sports enthusiasts on the go. It is the easiest method of browsing sports news from ESPN while mobile. The latest iteration of this app has fixed several prior issues and allows for a streamline and professional look at modern sports. The user can bookmark specific sports information, customize their browser options, watch live scoreboards, and more! This application allows the user the power of ESPN in the palm of their hand. They will never have to worry about missing out on their favorite team's winning scores again due to having to work during the game. It is one of the best droid apps 2010.

9. Estrongs Task Manager

A proper task management application for Mobile Phones is very popular with many people. Estrongs Task Manager is an option that is heavily downloaded by many people because of this. This management application helps save battery life, free up memory, kills tasks, uninstalls other applications on command, and makes a cell phone run faster due to better file management. The ability to add important files to an ignore list allows that particular application to continue running even when the user chooses to kill all others. Any individual that utilizes this Droid app will find that they have many more options for using and ending their tasks which makes this one of the best droid apps 2010.

10. Exchange rates

Exchange rates is a free currency conversion application that is both interesting and highly useful. Whether the user is a highly mobile world traveler or simply curious about the current currency exchange rates does not matter. This Droid app is useful for anyone that is interested in knowing how much one currency type is worth compared to another. It is a quick and easy to use application that can be used offline and online as well. It can convert every world currency and even perform multiple conversions at the same time. If an individual wishes to know how many yen there is to the dollar while determining the difference between Euros and Canadian dollars they will be able to determine both at the same time.

11. Fandango Movies

The free to use Fandango Movies application is the perfect item for catching up with the latest movie releases. This app allows the user to watch upcoming movie trailers, view ratings by fans, and even utilize the phone's GPS to locate the nearest movie theater with a list of all movies playing there. In many instances this Droid application will allow the user to purchase tickets directly from their phone via a superior and swift process. This removes the drama and long waits in line that many popular movies tend to have. Which makes it one of the best droid apps 2010.

12. Fitness

The application simply known as 'Fitness' is a highly useful free application for anyone interested in becoming fit and healthy. This Droid app will help the user acquire knowledge about exercise, proper nutrition and similar items of interest. It goes into detail about the best methods for working cardio, muscle building, weight lifting, and toning exercises. The mobile phone application also allows the user to SMS / Email the tips they grant. This allows the individual to share their new found knowledge with their friends, relatives, and co-workers. While this Android application is not intended as medical advice it is very useful for planning out a healthier lifestyle making it one of the best Droid apps 2010.

13. Guitar: Solo Lite

The Guitar: Solo Lite is an excellent free version of the Guitar: Solo application. It is a well defined virtual pocket guitar that allows the user to play a variety of guitar sounds and songs on their cell phone. This Droid app allows for Multitouch capacity and includes guitar types such as: classical, acoustic, and electric. There is a wide variety of chords stored in the library. It comes with over three hundred eighty different guitar chords and song playing diagrams. This allows the user to spend hours of their time plucking out new tunes on their Droid or trying to learn how to push-play popular music. Given the nature of this app it is easy to see why it is one of the best Droid apps 2010.

14. Herbs

Herbs is a free application designed to aid individuals in their diet and energy related needs. This is not a fitness application so much as a knowledge-base on particular herbs, plants, and seasonings. It details what many popular herbs are, their usages, and how to best combine them to allow for better nutrition and higher energy levels. The key factors espoused by this application are eating a variety of foods and the best methods for doing so. Herbs is a great app for anyone interested in what the food they eat actually does in their body.

15. Horoscope and Tarot

There are many people in the world today that are interested in astrology, tarot, and how their horoscope details the events of their lives. Now interested individuals can download a free application that will allow them to have fun and know the sordid details of their future. This Droid app comes with a virtual magic 8-ball for fun. It also shows love compatibility and gives free advice via communication with live psychic advisors. If an individual believes that their destiny is in the cards or written in the stars they will find this app to be the perfect gem of fortune-telling wisdom.

16. Human Body Facts

Human Body Facts is a free Droid cell phone app that can answer many questions about the human body straight from their phone. This application is loaded with interesting, well informed, facts about the human body. These facts focus on the bones, heart, pregnancy, even sexual function. It allows an individual to add their own facts if they should happen to know any and has a search function to help locate any fact the individual may need. It is not a medical advice application as it focuses on giving factual knowledge about well known body mechanics. It is useful for any individual that desires to know a little more about how their body works and definitely deserves a spot as one of the best Droid apps 2010.

17. Kitco Precious Metal Prices

This Kitco Precious Metal Prices application is a free-use program that allows the user access to precious metal charts and prices from Kitco.com. While, it is not an application officially released by Kitco.com it is still a very useful tool for anyone interested in having up-to-the-minute access to the prices for valuable trade metals such as Gold (Au), Platinum (Pt), Palladium (Pd), and Silver (Ag) on their mobile phones. Anyone that utilizes this app will having instant access to the necessary information about the trade value of these materials. This is useful information for anyone from jewelers to brokers.

18. Security Guarder

The Security Guarder app for mobile phones is a firewall designed to help the average individual filter out unwanted text messages and deny unsolicited called based on customizable user preferences. There are seven pre-set scenario rules the user may choose from for their mobile phones. However, these default rules can be customized according to the needs of the user. This is an excellent app for anyone that is tired or spam or utilizes mobile phones for work purposes.

19. Sex jokes

The free-use app Sex Jokes is a program for mobile phones designed to house and share a large variety of classic sexually oriented jokes. These dirty jokes have been around for a long time and the app includes a wide variety of naughty humor. Whether an individual is hankering for a solid boob joke to share with their peers or simply wish to find interesting humor to break the ice with at parties, this app has what they need. Anyone that enjoys a little spicy humor or wishes to increase their social appeal can learn these interesting naughty little humor gems and become the life of any party.

20. SFcave

SFcave is a simple yet addictive free app for mobile phones. This action game involves controlling a ribbon in an effort to avoid touching the cavern walls. The player uses the touch screen to move the ribbon up and releases it to move the ribbon down. A player interested in using a trackball, D-pad center, or space key can do so as well. The game functions the same either way. SFcave has four playable levels and is available for use on Android 1.5 or later version mobile devices.

21. SNesoid

Videogame emulation is a favored pastime of many people. These programs allow the player to remember the halcyon days of their youth by playing games that have been off of store shelves for many years. The SNesoid is one such program. This mobile device app perfectly emulates the Super Nintendo gaming system. It functions via an on-screen translucent keypad with all of the necessary original controls. The game is fully customizable in regards to transparency, size, and layout. It runs incredibly fast and is capable of playing nearly all of the original Super Nintendo titles such as Mario RPG on all Android powered mobile phones. There is both a free and paid version of this app. There is little difference between the two except that the paid version allows the user to save game states at any time as opposed to simply saving when a game allows for it. It also includes cheat menus and capacity for playing super scope games.

22. TMZ

The hottest celebrity news show in the world has had this free app out for a while now. It is one of the best Droid apps 2010 and the perfect addition to any cell phone used by an individual that loves celebrity gossip. It allows access to entertainment news, photos, and videos created by the hit celebrity news shot TMZ. The app is touted as being the best source for breaking entertainment news wherever and whenever it happens. The TMZ app on your Android powered phone grants you all-access to the most up to the minute information on favored celebrities. It is updated throughout the given day and as the show states about the TMZ app, "The price is Free!"

23. TV.com

The TV.com app is a free application that brings the power of television directly to your phone on WiFi and cell networks. With this app the user can access the videos they want to see anywhere they happen to be at that time. This includes full episodes of their favorite shows. Many popular stations such as The CW, CBS, Cnet, and Showtime are represented. There are many more as well. There are no subscription fees and the app is constantly being updated with new shows and entertainment. If television on the go is something that appeals to you then this app will meet your needs nicely.

24. TV Guide Mobile

The TV Guide Mobile app is an application from the official TV Guide listings. It is perfect for anyone that is interested in knowing what hot new shows are coming out soon and which of their favorites are on that night. This guide app also allows the individual to discover breaking entertainment news, episode recaps, and features improved stability and user capacity over the previous version.

25. Wallpapers

Wallpapers is a free Android app that houses a massive library of high-end quality wallpaper backgrounds for your cell phone. The library has over fifty thousand choices at present. Unlike some apps in this niche each of these is free and comes from a wide variety of genres. Once as given wallpaper is downloaded it can be used as a background, shared with friends, or stored on SD card. These lovely and unique bits of digital background art make any cell phone look more interesting and do not drain battery life like the live versions do marking it as one of the best Droid apps 2010.


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