Droid Charge Price Comparison

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Droid Charge Price ComparisonThe Droid Charge is one of the most powerful smartphones available. Running on Verizon Wireless 4G LTE gives it an advantage over other phones in the same category of 4G LTE.

The cell phone wars are heating up and pricing can be all over the map. Pricing can depend on if your updating a line, adding a line, or buying full retail with no contract. The later choice is by far everyone's favorite.

Many users are coming up on renewal dates for Droid Phones now. That's due to its unbelievably been two years since the A855 Original Droid launch.

We have done some investigating and found substantial differences in prices for the Droid Charge.

The Samsung Cell Phone site is using the letstalk solution on their website so we will start with Buying Droid Charge on LetsTalk compared to Verizon Wireless.

On The Lets Talk Website we found a saving of $50.00 if your an existing Verizon Wireless customer. When you want to buy full retail without a contract the price was $110.00 over Verizon Wireless which is $569.99. The LetsTalk retail price is $679.99.

We have also found prices on Amazon to be the same has LetsTalk. $249.99 on Amazon with 2 year contract and $679.00 without contract.

Wirefly is also selling the Droid Charge. They have the full retail price of $669.99 and $249.99 with 2 year contract. Thats $10.00 less than the others.

Ebay is always interesting for comparing prices too. For buying smartphones and Cell Phones the site has more cell phones than any other website. This makes EBay perfect if you are about or are out of your contract.

If your a Verizon Wireless customer with your contract expiring that's the place to buy. If you are out or getting out of a two year contract and want free overnight shipping that is.

Now if you don't mind signing a contract or simply can't afford the up front cost of a no contract phone then you have more choices. Buyers need to bare in mind that LetsTalk, Amazon, EBay and other sites prices change frequently.

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