Droid Incredible Pre Order Page Is Live On Verizon, Release Date

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Was it Best Buy starting Pre Sale for The HTC Incredible April 18, 2010 or just the extreme hype that caused a early launch? Who Knows.

After weeks of release dates and leaks of the Droid Incredible it has launched for preorders on the Verizon Wireless Website.

From what we have been hearing HTC has shipped the mobile device to Stores. Along with this fact pre launch that may equal a early gift for us. But then again maybe not. We went to order and after being redirected around the site the order page went down. We will just have to wait and see.

Was this a mistake? We don't think so It was probably just so much traffic heading over to the Verizon Site.

Many Users have shown displeasure with the delay of Nexus One on Verizon. These users will be flocking to the newest Droid Phone. It has the newest technology and is on the best Cell Phone Network. That according to Consumer Reports and many other publications.

When you order from Verizon Online they always have deals like Verizon Free Shipping and Verizon Instant Rebates. They also offer accessories bundle you can only get when ordering online.


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