Droid Incredible Shipping June 22, after Multiple Delays

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When we first heard about the HTC Droid Incredible we did not think this outstanding device would sell out 3 plus times. What is it? Lack of components for the device or overwhelming demand. It could be both. Android is now out selling iPhone and users could simply overwhelming Verizon and HTC distribution channels.

HTC and Verizon need this June 22nd date to stick this time or risk users moving to the HTC EVO 4G or LG Ally Droid phones. Though Verizon wins in the second scenario those looking for a highend phone would likely head over to Sprint and Grab a EVO 4G.

Previously the newest Droid was delayed until 6/4/2010 when our headlines read HTC Droid Incredible Sold Out Again And Not Just On Verizon

Before that it was Sold Out Again, Droid Incredible Shipping Date Moved Up to May 14 and before that the shipping date was pushed up to May 7, 2010. when Droid Incredible Sold Out On Verizon Proves Dominance of Market

From what we have heard and seen people are getting the phones they order. Some buyers have reported only waiting a week or so after ordering direct from Verizon Wireless. This tells us that Verizon Wireless is covering their butts but pushing these dates back. Anything can happen these days with technology.

Getting the Incredible at a Verizon Store is another animal. Our local stores have only been getting 3 to 5 HTC Incredible phones for sale a week. At one shop across from where we eat lunch has a 6 week waiting list. They are only a satellite store though.


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