Droid Incredible Sold Out On Verizon Proves Dominance of Market

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Not even 12 hours after the HTC Droid Incredible became available on the Verizon Wireless Website. Due to a a overwhelming demand the Mobile Devices will ship on May 7, 2010.

The reason for the demand is surely due to a few factors. One being the fact that Nexus One Imploded just a few days prior to the HTC Phones launch. A week long pre launch is most likely a factor too. The biggest reason is probably that people have see the Motorola Droid in action via friends or TV Commercials.

The Incredible simply put is now top dog as far as touch screen phones go's. Combining the power on this phone with Sense UI, Google Apps, Verizon Apps and a laundry list of features and functions will propel The HTC Droid Incredible to the top quickly.

The crew over at HTC must be very excited. The world has never seen a cell phone sell out so fast. Not as far as we can remember. The Incredible went live on Verizon just after midnight and by noon the splash page was changed to, Will Ship By May 7.


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