Easy To Use Golf Tracks Lite and Pro Android App Helps Game

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The golf tracks applications are excellent for any golfer that wants to easily understand their handicap and to maintain a greater knowledge of their strengths and weaknesses while playing the game of golf. There are two distinct version the Golf Tracks lite and pro versions. There are only a few differences between the Golf Tracks Lite and Pro Android app versions.

The Golf Tracks Lite version is basically a demo of the full system. It comes with a capacity to track the score of the device owner, a handicap calculator, and a quick links to Google maps to view local courses with a capability to locate them via GPS. The lite version is a free download that is roughly three hundred ten kilobytes in size. It is usable by any android powered phone but requires the system to be up to date.

The Golf Tracks Pro version takes all the best parts of the lite variant and removes some of the annoyance such as the nag screen that occasionally pops up to ask if you'd like to switch to the pro version to locate things faster, and to improve capacity all around. The pro version costs four dollars ninety-five cents American and has a download size of six hundred seventeen kilobytes.

The Golf Tracks Lite and Pro Android app, whichever is chosen, are considered the preeminent Android apps for keeping gold scores as well as maintaining game scores. The app helps to improve the game of any owner by showing weaknesses and calculating specific information on the fly. Between their capacity to calculate information and locate worthy courses that may either challenge the golfer or help them improve on a slightly easier course these variants of the same app are the way to go to help any golfer reach their true potential.

If the mobile device owner upgrades to the pro version they are capable of saving their last twenty games for later viewing. This can allow them a form of trend analysis so that they can consider the best way to improve their game. If they require too many strokes they may need to go to a driving range to improve their distance precision. If they know that they can get the ball to the hole quickly but lack the capacity to get it into that hole readily they will know that the extra strokes come from close precision.

Either way the Golf Tracks Lite and Pro Android app is the perfect way to catalog the progress of a golfer and help them understand the way they have been playing. If nothing else the fact that they can use the GPS function to locate the nearest green or a golf course they might not have been aware of will be a reason to utilize this app. The constant world traveler that enjoys golfing in new places will find that using this app to locate courses while traveling abroad will wonder how they ever did without it before now.

Due to its capacities, ease of use, and solidly programmed software architecture I rate this app five out of five. There are few if any apps currently on the market that approach this level of utility this app possess, fewer still that can be said to equal it, and none that surpass it.


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