Facebook Home Android App Meager Rise As Stocks Go Up With Mobile

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Facebook Home App Reviews

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Facebook has been in the news for the last few days. The social website has been struggling to convince investors that they can make money with advertising.

The Facebook Home App for Android seemed to flop on launch but the stock started going up.

Lets just say that the Home App isn't why prices are up. Its the earnings report released May 1, 13 Watch CNBC Report.  Most agree that the companies strategy is what drove up earning. Questioning whether the desk top version or the mobile version of the site is the future of the sites stock price. Most investors don't care which platform is driving the company. They just want to see forward movement. The very next day S&P Capital IQ raised target price to $33 from $31.

The Android Home App may not be a flop after all going down the road. Home is currently available on certain devices, including the Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung Galaxy Note II, HTC One X and HTC One X+. The limited amount of devices its available on is certainly restrictive but other aspects of the app are sure to keep some users away.

Less than a tenth of a percent of the company's members have given Facebook's Home a shot. Many users who have tried it have said Home for taking over their device.

Facebook Home App Reviews

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Some users dislike the app more than others.

Facebook Home App Reviews

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The most frequent complaint is that Facebook Home and its Cover Feed stream of News Feed updates, which take over the home screen, limits the usefulness of the phone it's running on. Facebook's features seem particularly unpopular with people who want quick access to their Android widgets and other applications.

The Facebook Home App for Android is only a 1 star rating with almost 8K users weighing in for 1 Star. In the Play Store its ranked 2.2.

Its clear that the existing Facebook Apps are pushing the company over the recent foothills. Skeptics need watch out for Facebook's future on Mobile Phones.



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