Fantasy Football For Money Comes to Your Mobile Phone

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Fantasy Football On Android


With football Season comes football betting. Everyone bets in some form or another. It could be which new Android Phone will launch next or you favorite football or sports team.
Office pools and squares at your local bar have been a staple of American sports fans for decades. Even President Obama has a NCAA Fantasy League every year.
Sports betting online was made illegal years ago putting lots of websites out of business.
Now there is a totally legal way to win money online and its with Fantasy Sport Leagues.
Whats great about the website Fan duel is that it can be used on your Mobile Phone. Most fantasy Football for Money sites don't have a mobile version. Fanduel didn't have a mobile way to play until the 3013 season either. It just launched.
The reason you can play for money is because weekly leagues are not considered "sports bet". Your playing other people just like when you buy squares at a bar each Sunday.

The Games for money industry is expanding. Executives are using Sweepstakes methods that generate winnings for users. Some Apps are taking the same route in order to reward users in some way.

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Fantasy Football

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