First Droid Does Incredible Commercial Launched (VIDEO)

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The 3G advantage of Verizon Wireless’ largest and most reliable wireless network provides customers with the speed and coverage they need to enjoy the incredible features of DROID Incredible by HTC.

* Rapid Uploads to Social Media Sites – DROID Incredible by HTC gives customers one unified update for Flickr, Facebook® and Twitter.
* Text, Picture and Video Messaging – Customers can share the crisp, detailed images they take with DROID Incredible by HTC’s 8.0 megapixel camera with friends and family.
* Download and Use Cool Apps – DROID Incredible by HTC gives customers access to Android Market™, which currently offers tens of thousands of applications, including exclusive apps from Verizon Wireless such as NFL Mobile and Skype mobile™.
* Browse the Web with Fast Download Times – Customers can keep up with news, sports, stock quotes, Hollywood gossip and more at faster speeds.
* Play Music, Games and Videos – With the 3G advantage, customers can more swiftly download and play music favorites from top 40 to classical, stream must-see videos and play exciting games.


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