Free Nexus One Google Phone On Vodafone

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For those who use Vodafone the hottest Droid Deal these days is all yours. The Cell Phone Network will give users a Free Nexus One who sign up for a 600 Minute Plus usage plan.
You live for texts and mobile internet, but you like to talk as well. This plan is perfect - and it's just £35 a month. You also get a staggering 1GB of data - enough for 10,000 web pages, over 16 hours of streaming video and generally getting the best from your apps. Want more? You can also get unlimited Wi-Fi at home and up to 1GB at any BT Openzone hotspot. Perfect for those marathon internet sessions.
Vodafone covers over 99.7% of the UK population for calls and texts. The network has 4 unique plan where users can get a Free Nexus One Cell Phone. They range from 600 to 3000 anytime minutes. See Free Nexus One On Vodafone for full details.

Click Here For A Free Nexus One On Vodafone


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