Free QR Code Generator Now Available On Droid Cell Phone

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In an effort to add features for our users we have added a QR Code Generator for our readers.
If you don't know what QR Codes are they are Quick Response Codes. They have been used in Japan and the UK for a few years and are making use in North America now.

The uses for QR Codes is endless. Retail and Internet businesses can utilize these codes to send visitors to products and information portals. Places like restaurants can send people waiting for tables to a menu or get diners to sign up for daily deals while they wait for a table or there food.

Retail businesses print QR Codes and place them in window or advertising inserts. Retailers like Walmart and Sears have been placing QR code in there advertising more and more.
Social uses include using QR Codes as profile images and Avitars. Put them in Twitter updates instead of URL's. The list go's on and on.

Our QR Code Generator can send people to websites, Google Maps, Call a phone number and another half dozen landing places.

Free QR Code Generator


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