Get Great Deals With Android Bar Code Scanner App.

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The Android Bar Code Scanner App is an application programming interface (api) that allows cell phone owners with the Android mobile operating system to scan an item's bar code to get more information on the item. Since bar codes are used in stores everywhere to quickly inventory and process the purchase of the item, this simplifies the search for information on it.

How does the Android Bar Code Scanner App work?

The Android Bar Code Scanner App is simple to install. Most of the work is done by the already installed Android Bar Code Scanner Application programming interface. All the cell phone owner has to do is go to, Google's dedicated website for the Android mobile operating system and Google's new Nexus One smart phone. Just go into the Android market, select a bar code scanner application and download it. Once it is installed, the cell phone's camera lens becomes the scanner. Just scan the bar code of the item and the Google Product Search for Android will gather the requested information in a few seconds. It will work with 1 dimension and 2 dimension bar codes.

How will the Android Bar Code Scanner App help users?

The Android Bar Code Scanner App will be a great personal assistant for its users. The major limit on its uses and benefits will be the imagination of the user. Over time, as the user becomes more familiar with the app, more and more uses will be discovered. Some of the users with computer programming skills will develop new programs for the Android Bar Code Scanner App that will expand the utility of the application.

The most popular use of the Android Bar Code Scanner App is comparison shopping. With the bar code scanner's ability to access the Google Product Search function, product information is readily accessible. Google Product Search will not only retrieve information on the product, it can even find the same product in nearby stores without leaving the store where the scan was done. It can also search for the product at online venders such as, and Ebay. For books, it can search local libraries for the book's availability as well. Not only can the Google Product Search provide the specifications and uses for the product, it will also suggest similar products that compete with the original product. Their locations and prices will be provided on a comparison basis.

If the cell phone owner finds an item of interest online, either at a home, work or public computer, the item can still be scanned and the same information retrieved from the bar code on the item's image on the monitor.


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