Google Android Development Highlights of 2013 In Pictures

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O My as George Takei would say.
One Billion Smartphones






It's been 5 years since since T-Mobile, Google and Android partnered up to start this phenomenon of Android growth. Vendors are now forecast to ship more than 1.8 billion mobile phones this year, growing to over 2.3 billion mobile phones in 2017

2013 has been a great year in Google Android Development. Every time a new Android character's pops up its time for new goodies from Google.

We have seen the Google Phone being used by a few Geek's to billions of Android Phones being sold around the World every year.

Just a few high profile pieces of news that really stand out so far.

Jelly Bean is a sweet addition for the best Android Phones. People love Android 4.2 and then 4.3.


Jelly Bean












The upcoming release of the Android 4.4 SDK aka Kit Kat. Partnering up with the candy company to put a Nexus 7 or Play Store credits in your hands. Buy Kit Kat marked labeled the Android Guy. Input the codes under the wraper and see if you've won.

Besides the Android Kit Kat Giveaway the newest Android 4.4 is said to be the best update yet.

Android Kit Kat Codes






Samsung Galaxy stole the headline with the S4. Samsung stepped up it's game. The Galaxy S4 has put a high powered device in the hands of many new users. Samsung has put every tool they have into selling the S4.

The Samsung Galaxy S4

Verizon Wireless Samsung Galaxy S4 Android Phone













The New Droid Phones for 2013. We have been extra excited about the Newest Verizon Droids. The Droid Ultra, Droid Mini and Droid Maxx knocked the ball out of the park.  The exposure of the Droid Phone hasn't been so reinvigorated in a year.

New Droid Phone 2013







Motorola Droid Moto X. Made in America in essence. The device is assembled in Texas. assembled in the good O'L USA. The first step in bringing technology jobs to America. Asia will have more resources to produce parts for decades. That fact that the Droid X is selling great. It's beating out the newest iPhones in many ways. It's on a the core American carriers like Verizon Wireless shows manufacturing and distribution is alive in the US.  The the Moto X vs iPhone 5C Drop Test is enough for most to make a easy buying decision.


Made in the USA










Ive been waiting for online sports betting to make a come back. Illegal in the United States law makers are suggesting relaxing the law in the near future. In the mean time developers are using a work around. Sweepstakes and Fantasy Football are the better known tactics.

Mobile user can use mobile websites like Fanduel to play weekly Fantasy Football Games for money. We think of them like Online Games for adults

Fantasy Football On Android








Just imagine what's to come. Is it the Android Blackberry? A New R2D2 Verizon Droid.
Rumors of The Samsung Galaxy S5 with finger print technology are floating around now.
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