Google Maps and Voice Activated GPS Is Very Impressive Application

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One of the most incredible function on The Verizon Motorola Droid that is the Google Maps App in Combination with the GPS. We've had some time to use the Application and found it very impressive.
The microphone and voice recognition software understood 9 out of 10 times. That's better that the 411 voice on a home phone. They never understand me and I always have to push zero to get a person.
So anyway it does work great.
The Droid navigated to the local store for groceries and to the neighborhood sports bar. Even knowing we are kind of rural we even has street view at several local intersection. We have been uploading our own video's for street view as well. The screen resolution is also very excellent. When we used the GPS in the direct sun there was no issue with glare.
We have also used the Droid GPS hiking and biking and found it to be just a valuable. The Navigation plots a map of where you are and provides features for hikers or anyone trying to find there way in the city. Users can also get GPS on public transportation.
The GPS and Maps functions provide content for developers to create applications. Say if all you did was shop for carrots you could write a app that would show all the stores selling carrots with in a certain distance of the user.
The functions these phones are built with and the project will allow developers to build on all of what Google and its partners have started. That's what the Open Source Movement is all about. Start a huge project like Android in a cloud, provide a stable base for development and letting the community build away. What a concept!
With developers having access to the power of Google Databases the Navigation and mapping on Android Phones will only get better.
Look for the How To Video's for the Navigation on The Droid coming soon.
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