Google Nexus One GPhone Gets Android Froyo Update

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They said the coming days at Google I/O and they meant it. Google's first child has started to expand on Nexus One. The Android 2.2 software update began dropping to the Smartphone May 22, 2010.
The lucky GPhone owners reported getting the update overnight and reports continue to roll in on Twitter and Face Book.
The update was a shock to some especially those who didn't watch The Google I/O Developers Conference. Speaking of Google I/O we have been going through all the news from the gathering and putting together some detailed posts. Hopefully if things slow down some we can get them up. Slowing down doesn't seem to be how Google moves. Optimization and Speed is what its all about these days at the Search Engine.
Remember when downloading OTA Android Updates your phone needs to be charged. If you don't open the update message you should be sent another until you complete it.
We have seen some other tweets and face book post from those who aren't happy that the droid Phones didn't get the Android Update. Don't worry its coming. A couple reasons this happens. Nexus One is Googles favorite child. A large amount of developers use the phone as well. The order if I remember correctly is Nexus One,Verizon Droid and
Lets us know what you think if you have received the 2.2 Froyo OS.
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