Google Officially Announced Android 2.2 Froyo Open Source For All

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The same day Froyo is announced for The Droid X Google says Froyo for all. The open source Android 2.2 platform is now available for everyone to work with. Google Blog
When we first started with Android Development it costs $20.00 or so to join. Not sure if that has changed, but in any event this is very good news. Good news for those who believe in a open build environment or those the world needs competition. We can not allow a single company control our purse strings.
On the day before Apple is predicted to have 1 million iPhone 4 cell phones ordered, the Android community has bombarded those watching with major announcements. Android 2.2 Froyo for All to work with and what surly will be the Best Droid Phone yet, Droid X by Motorola.
"Open mobile platform to drive faster innovation for the benefit of consumers" is the force behind the Android Community. Google, Verizon, HTC including 21 OEMs and 59 carriers in 49 countries strong. Users can also find 65.000 Applications in the Android Market Place.
160.000 Android devices are activated everyday and the word about the OS is still spreading. On July 23, 2010 the world was supposed to be focused on Apple, but Android took the stage on places like CNBC and major news outlets. At CNBC Verizon had a Droid X delivered to the TV Shows set. They promptly showed it to the world. Wonder whats in store for iPhone 4 launch day?


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