Google Preparing Ice Cream For End Of Summer Launch

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Android Development Ice CreamFollowing Android Development is like following lightning. The changes can happen with rising and falling pressure.
It appears Google will be pushing out the new Ice Cream OS in the coming weeks. Reports are rolling in that the Samsung Prime is the next Nexus.

What is a phone fend to do as his or hers contract is up and all these phones are dropping for the Summer. Many of us just can't wait and crack under pressure.

The all purpose Android Ice Cream has begun appearing across the web. From BGR to CNet and beyond we are starting to see screen shots and in phone specs.

The Android Police Showing Ice Cream Sandwich running on a Nexus S, the screen shots are a bit dark but do show changes in the UI. As said by Android Police, blue seems to be the theme color of the new OS, while the notification bar has gone through a major revamp.

Over on BGR their source are saying the processor speed for the Nexus Prime is a next-generation dual-core CPU, in either 1.2GHz or 1.5GHz speeds. As for as the chipset, the most likely candidate will be Texas Instruments' OMAP 4460 or Qualcomm's latest (Krait) Snapdragon.

Ice Cream is said to be the ultimate Android Development Project bringing Gingerbread, Honeycomb and all of Android to a un fractured state. The OS will optimize Android Tablets and Android Phones under one roof. The Interfaces should let users optimized all the devices they own to interface the same.

Ice Cream is two years of hard work by us the consumers and Google. To arrive at this point and challenge the iPhone 5 is essential for Android Adoption. The race is on and here come pride in the back stretch.

Cell Phone buyers have become better educated and knowledgeable thanks to Android. Imagine if all we had was 100 million people walking around with only iPhones. Nightmare pops up in my mind. When the major players began to understand they then helped move adoption of Android. Only about 19 months after the launch of Droid and look were we are now. Eating Ice Cream Sandwiches.


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