Google Suggest Mobile Released For Android, iPhone, And Palm WebOS

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Google has gone ahead and launched Google Suggest for mobile on Android OS Phones. If your not familiar with Universal search features in Google Suggest try this. open your Google account and start typing in the search. As you type suggestion begin to appear just below. That feature is now part of The Google Mobile Browser.
Google continues to add functionality to the mobile platform to help make search faster.

In the last couple months Google has added Gesture Search And Voice Input to the Android. All these new apps and features are all meant to help users of Droid Phones be more productive. As more function is added to the phones the more they become a even bigger part in our lives.

If you don't see these results at first, try refreshing the page in your browser. The functionality is currently supported on Android-powered devices, iPhones/iPods and Palm WebOS devices in the US.


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