Google Translate For Animals Is It Real Or April Fools Prank

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When we first saw this we thought it was a April Fools Joke. Its Not its for real. We just downloaded it. Now you can be Doctor DoLittle and talk to animals too.

No animals around to test it on though. So I barked into it. The app translated what I barked into, "Ive Cracked It. The Meaning Of Life. It's 42" Wow. We can only assume that this app pulls from a data base of random answers. Beyond words really.

This application allows you to record animal sounds and have the sounds analyzed and translated by Google Translate into any of the 52 supported languages. With animal translation you can finally understand why Spot keeps peeing in your closet or why Pickles keeps leaving dead mice in the tub. No longer must humanity struggle to comprehend when Lassie warns, “Hurry, Timmy’s fallen down the well!”

The technology isn’t perfect yet, so you may discover some translations that don’t make perfect sense. The algorithms are always improving however, thanks to the large corpus of cute cat videos that have been uploaded to YouTube.

"We think that this is an exciting step in understanding and communicating with the world around us. Stay tuned for the addition of “old car” and “stomach” to the translation capabilities of the application this summer.

Posted by Woof Woofington, Product Barketing Manager"

Try it with a chicken.

Is this a prank?


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