Google Voice Invitations Hard To Come By But Can Be Found

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If you haven't heard of Google Voice you missed big news. Google Voice gives you one phone number for all your phones, voice mail as easy as email, and many calling features for free. Users can use the phone numbers in a variety of ways. They can set the Caller ID of the phone they are using to a Google Voice Number.
The down side of Google voice is getting a invitation and getting phone numbers.More on that in a minute.
Google has been nice enough to make some videos that explain how it works. Some of the uses we found are: Small business's who can't afford a phone system, Females not wanting to give out a real phone number, Websites that rather remain anonymous but give users a way of phone contact.

With A Google number you can set it up to have different contacts go to different phones. When you change jobs, move or just decide you never want to speak to someone again users can change preferences.

Now that you see how cool this is you want it right? Well since the launch of Google Voice Invitations have been extremely hard to come by. They seam to be rolling GVoice out slowly in order not to overload the system. We have applied for a dozen numbers over months and have only received one.
When you get a Google voice number you are given a account that allows you to add numbers to your account. This has allowed some users to sell these addon numbers online.
We actually purchased one of these phone numbers to test it out. It worked great, but it wasn't on our own account so we didn't sync to all accounts. Some sellers are selling the entire account with numbers. One of the most popular places to buy a Google Voice Phone Number is of course

Update: Google Voice is now standard in GMail Accounts. For those who need to make long distance calls overseas it is a great tool.


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