Best Android Phone Holiday Buyers Guide

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Those who follow the Android Phone space well understand that Android has around 100 devices now. In the real world though most people just want a phone that does what is necessary in daily life.

Over the last year Google Android has made it's way onto the best rated smartphones. Most of the hottest phones available in Christmas 2010 are powered by Android.

We have compiled a Android List of phones we think would make great presents for him or exceptional presents for her. Whomever your buying for a new Android Phone will put a smile on their face.

Google Nexus One

Google PhoneThis device is considered by many to be the smartphone that began it all. Due to this fact alone it would warrant inclusion as one of the best Android powered phone purchases of the season. However, it's many exciting super high-end features and capacity to offer a level playing field for anyone interested in having a truly competitive smartphone make it one of the best gifts for that special someone this year. Whether it is a gift for him or her does not matter. This smartphone is the best overall in regards to tested technology and Android OS integration. It was designed specifically to run on the platform invented by google and manufactured by one of the best smartphone making companies in the business, HTC. Buy the original. Buy the best. Buy the Google Nexus One today!

Sprint HTC Evo 4G

Among the many different Android powered phones currently on the market the Sprint Evo 4G is considered the phone to beat by many. The reason for this varies from user to user. However, the most prolific reason cited is the fact that it is a 4G phone. In areas where 4G network capacity is available this phone is amazingly fast and capable of providing truly extraordinary levels of user performance. Beyond the high speed internet connectivity of this device there are several other features of note. This device has a glorious 4.3 inch display screen capable of beautifully rendering 720p HD images and video among other items of note.

The choice between Android phones is rendered simple when considering this smartphone in comparison to its brethren. If high-speed social interaction and crystal clear communication are of the utmost importance to an individual then this smartphone is the definitive choice for the Christmas season.

Droid X

The power and the glory. Those are statements some have claimed in regard to this smartphone. This device is basically a space-age mini-computer in comparison to other mere smartphones. It's internal technical architecture, mammoth 4.3 inch screen, and underlying mechanics make it one of the most powerful devices on the planet. In many ways it directly compares with the Evo. If a Sprint Network device will not be a best performer in in the area an individual lives in then the Droid X is by far the better choice. It's a little bigger, a little prettier, and a whole lot sexier overall. Anyone interested in the best Android phone as a gift for dad or any guy in generally then this is the phone to get. It practically screams 'Machismo". There are many other Droid smartphones that are equally focused on socialization and even one designed around the needs of an enterprise level phone.

Samsung Galaxy Series

Samsung Captivate Android PhoneThe Samsung Galaxy S and the series it inspired in the US is a family of smartphones as opposed to a singular version. The Galaxy S is the international model which is designed to use in a variety of locations throughout the world. This high-end Samsung product began its existence as a Korean only release and eventually made its way to America as a virtually identical series of phones each tailored to a specific wireless network.

This phone family has nearly identical overall design and architecture. This allows people to choose a phone that will not only be highly competitive with the other phones on the market, but also allow for it to be tailored to whatever network the user prefers. This allows for the reasonable price of a locked in contract instead of the expensive purchase most individuals must make to buy an unlocked phone so that they may use their preferred network.

Several items regarding the Samsung Galaxy S make it one of the most sought after gifts for this holiday season. One of the most cited reasons is the existence of rock solid internet connectivity, beautifully rendered HD quality movies, and the existence of Samsung's innovative Super Amoled screen. There is nothing else like it on the market! If you desire a super high-end smartphone with innovative technology for your personal wireless carrier and don't want to pay for an unlocked phone, then grab this phone and never look back!

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10

This entry into the smartphone Christmas gift niche is one designed around simplistic elegance. The Sony Ericsson line of smartphones has a hit or miss feeling with many people. However, this particular item is considered one of the best cell phone handsets on the market. The reason for this is simple. The device itself is rather simple. There are not complicated buttons. The sleek, slim device is easily understood by even the least technologically savvy individual. This does not mean that the handset is lacking in quality and technological sophistication, however.

The Xperia X10 is an understated device that would best be suited for an individual who does not wish to draw attention to themselves or their smartphone. It is useful for business calls and general app usage butt does not force the user to adhere to a strange array of buttons to perform its service. Overall this solid and ergonomic device is a delight to view and hold. It is a phone meant for people that demand excellence from their equipment without the need to be flashy. Buy it, today.

HTC Hero

HTC HeroThis smartphone is a prime example of the adage, experience over youth. The HTC Hero is a bit long in the tooth now compared to some of the newest technology on the market. However, with age comes wisdom. In the case of a smartphone wisdom comes on the part of the manufacturer's and update teams. The newest and supposedly best smartphones are often riddled with crippling issues such as overheating, signal loss, or simply poor UI design. The HTC Hero, on the other hand, has been around long enough that it has these bugs worked out. The best part is that the lower price due to it being over a year since it's initial release marks this as a solid first smartphone for the younger generation.

The HTC Hero has the Google Android 2.1 update readily available for it once it is purchased. This marks it as being a smartphone capable of keeping up with the other midrange and some high-end devices on the market currently, all for a relatively inexpensive purchase. A low priced smartphone with solid architecture capable of keeping up with the modern technology requirements is one worth purchasing as a 'gift for her' or a 'gift for him'. The price might be small but this is a big gift idea. Another solid point is that with this phone updated to Android 2.1 a wide variety of Android Market apps become available for it. The money spent on a top-of-the-line newest release handset model can be spent on completely customizing a time tested model instead.

HTC Legend

HTC Legend PhoneThis is another device crafted by the well known company HTC The Legend appears as an international offering on both the Virgin Mobile Canada network and the Vodafone network. One of the most popular phones for beginning smartphone users this handy device is incredibly easy to work with. The most telling fact about how this Android phone lives up to its name is that it does not try to be something it is not.

The HTC Legend is a smartphone for mid-range technophiles who enjoy solid working technology but do not need all the unnecessary parts and concepts provided by more ambitious phones. The HTC Legend is perfect for Vodafone network subscribers who want their responsible children or their technophobic parents to try a new smartphone. It is easy to use and a must have purchase for the holiday season.

Motorola Backflip

This smart phone is intuitive to use, has a properly sized QWERTY style keyboard and can take a minor beating with ease. The ability to press actual buttons for typing purposes tends to make many people happy. Combine that with the fact that you can accidentally drop the phone and not have to worry automatically replace it and therein lies its beauty. This overly 'cute' iteration of their manufacturing processes is slim, simple to use, and has a rock solid capacity. It is perfect as a first phone for any son or daughter. However, a daughter might appreciate it more. Despite the smallish display screen it has a keyboard which is easy to utilize. The call clarity is excellent and overall this phone is perfect for anyone who desires a moderately capable smartphone for a modest price. Buy it today!

HTC MyTouch

HTC MyTouch HD Android Phone

This T-mobile oriented smartphone is destined for the hands of an individual that enjoys their smartphones to be both smart and easy to carry. It is designed to be pocket-friendly, moderately priced, and overly useful. It is similar to another HTC product known as the 'Magic' which was widely sold across the UK. The overall user friendly nature of the device combined with its general cuteness make it a nice present for the lady in your life. This is true whether this lady is a daughter, a mother, and sister, a wife, or even the buyer. Some of the best gifts are those bought for yourself during the holidays, after all.

HTC Desire

This high-end offering from HTC feels like an old friend for some individuals. The design specs are vastly similar to both the HTC Legend and the world renowned Google Nexus One. However, what it lacks in overall originality it makes up for in service capacity and other features. Outside the US it has more wireless carriers available than its search engine related cousin, and inside the US it has a certain something that always goes over well with people.

The certain something mentioned is known as 'variety'. While other phones may be similar, most high-end devices are when it comes down to it, few can match the capacity for the Desire to blend the best design concepts of several popular handsets. The solid buttons instead of forced touch-screen interaction allow for greater input accuracy. The camera and amoled screen work well in conjunction. The integrated social networking features mark it as a truly endearing phone for such communications. In the end 'Desire' is aptly named and you should seriously consider it for the perfect stocking stuffer!

LG Vortex

LG Vortex Android PhoneLG phones have a 3.2'' touch screen with tactical for fast accurate touch vibration response. It also has WI FI connectivity, 3g mobile hot spot capable. These LG phones can be used to provide Internet access to other devices and these phones are capable of doing just about anything that you or your business will require. Google Android is a must for anyone that need to do all Internet and video related tasks.

LG Optimus S

LG Optimus One Android PhoneThis Sprint network smartphone is a low cost phone for those who must buy on a budget. However, unlike the typical budget phone, even a smartphone, this device does not suffer heavily from the reduced price tag. It can readily handle social interaction and app based networking that is normally only found in a mid-range or high-end handset device. One of the biggest indicators of this fact is the realization that it comes with the Android 2.2 OS pre-installed. This device is considered by many to be the best low-budget Android phone on the market at present. It is the perfect gift for anyone who wants a smartphone but cannot pay the high cost of slightly more advanced phones. It is only one step behind the industry leader's in terms of CPU capacity but it is miles ahead of its economical smartphone rivals. Anyone receiving this device for Christmas will receive a smartphone capable of doing most, if not all, of the functions that a high-end phone can do without the extraneous costs and service fees. It is perfect for most users and small business owners or workers will find that it is the perfect addition to their work life.