Top 10 Reasons To Buy HTC EVO 4G Android Phone

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I first published this article in 2010 on another website. The site has been forwared so I thought it would be a good time to update it.

Top 10 Great Things About The HTC EVO 4G Android Phone

HTC Evo 4G LTEThere are a large number of smart phones on the market that proclaim themselves to be the next generation or the pre-eminent phone among its many competitors. Each of these smart phones has many items about their functions that recommends them highly for this spot at the top but none of them seem to be able to quite match up against the HTC Evo 4G Phone. While the hard specs of the device might draw in the technophiles it is the actual use of the phone that will bring in the bulk of the customer base. In this end here are 10 great things about <strong>HTC Evo 4G</strong> phone usages that the modern consumer might want to know about.

HDMI Output:

While many phones and systems talk about how downloading speeds are improving along side the visual capacity of their smart phone's technology HTC puts its money where its mouth is and delivers! The HTC Evo 4G is in fact capable of hooking directly into a high-definition television and streaming video at 720p levels. For those individuals that do know know what this means feel free to invision downloading a movie onto your cell phone from anywhere with 4G connectivity then taking that movie home and watching it on your Hi-Def television set. Even better, with HDMI the HTC Evo 4G can stream live 720p video without the need to download.


Without a doubt the best feature about this phone is that it is 4G LTE. This is a phone that can actually allow for live video conferencing anywhere that 4G is available. This phone can direct connect to a home computer and actively access it on the go. This means that it is not limited solely to the 32GB memory it is designed with but it can instead use your entire home computer system as storage medium.

Video Conferencing

Mentioned previously, but expounded upon in this section, the HTC Evo has the capacity for video conferencing. This means that any individuals within a 4G connective area and who both own this phone can actively talk to each other in a manner similar to web cam chatting. This live streaming video conferencing is accomplished via both the 4G network and the dual mounted cameras on each HTC Evo.

The HTC EVO Screen:

While resolution, pixels, dpi, and all that happy techno-babble is important the truth is that the HTC Evo is able to launch a hard round house kick to the head of its nearest competitor simply by having a touch screen that is 4.3 inches in size. Only two other phones have had screens this large. The four inch Galaxy, and the nearly outdated HTC HD2. The HD2 runs on the windows 6.5 operating system. This is a fact that completely defeats the purpose of having its own 4.3 inch touch screen.

HTC EVO 4GThe Kickstand:

While the fact that the HTC Evo is designed with a kickstand attached to it might not seem like a major selling point it proves to be quite useful in conjunction to many of its features. For instance, the ability to stream live video onto a television via <strong>HDMI</strong> works well with the unit's capacity to stand at an angle for easy touch screen access to the video playing app.

Leap to Touch:

The HTC Evo has the capacity to allow a user to make a pinching motion over the screen. This motion does more than exercise the fingers of that individual's hand. It will cause all the home screens available on the device to be revealed for inspection by the user.

Wi-Fi Hot Spot Connectivity:

The HTC Evo 4G has the capacity to generate an on-demand Wi-Fi hot spot which is capable of connecting up to eight separate Wi-Fi enabled devices at once. This means that an individual with both this phone and a lab top can use it as a Wi-Fi connection for said laptop and speeds that rival dedicated land line connections.


This smart phone comes complete with 1 GB of internal memory for storage of apps. It also includes 512 MB of RAM that allows for the processing of said applications. This is a large and impressive application only section of internal memory for a smart phone.

General Connectivity:

The HTC Evo 4G is a phone with connection options that far outweigh its competitors. It is available for a CDMA connection, a 4G WiMax 802.16e 2500 MMZ connection, standard Wi-Fi connection, and the ever popular Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity capacity. The latter connection comes with stereo (A2DP) and EDR. All of this fanciful tech-talk boils down to one simple result. This result is options. It can be used in many places and has capacity for both 3G and 4G usage. The 4G connectivity allows for it to become a <strong>HotSpot</strong> for Wi-Fi usage, and allows for maximum clarity of sound and imagery as well.

Pricing and Advanced Technology:

The HTC Evo was the first 4G phone to be released in the United States. Given the pricing of its nearest competition in terms of technology and projected price this smart phone is set to become the long sought after iPhone killer. It was using the most advanced OS on the planet (Android 2.1) at the time. This smart phone has all the previously mentioned usages and several more waiting to be discovered. It truly is the next generation of smart phones and that alone counts as a major feature of the device.