First Things To Do After Receiving A Android As A Gift

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Did you get lucky and get a Android Based Phone as a gift. For those who did congratulations and welcome to the future.

When you first open your phone and turn it on for the first time it can be a little overwhelming. The Android based phones have so many capabilities that it will take time to take full advantage of everything available.

Before going crazy and downloading every app you find there are a couple things to do. First see what version of Android you are running. The first batches of phones shipped with early versions of Android. A example is the Eris shipped with 1.6 and Droid A855 are shipped with 2.0.0.

As of September 2010 most New Android Phone started receiving the newest OS Froyo 2.2. That said not all phones will continue life in the future and the wireless companies will stop supporting them or providing OTA update. Great feature of these phones are that users can install Android themselves.

Just a few tips to get users started. Once the phone is turned on navigate to settings->about phone. At the bottom you look for "Firmwire". If you don't see the latest version you need to update. Check Android 2.0.1 Eclair Update Post if you don't have the latest update.

Next task that is important is to conserve battery life. We have had the Droid A855 running multiple apps while browsing and listening to music all at the same time. Though the device does perform for hours like that we don't suggest it being done constantly. Remember batteries can only perform so much and have a life span.

Take steps to conserve battery life. The newest Android Phones are basaclly Pocket PC's. When you have move around the phone will constantly look for wireless networks. This will drain battery life. So we suggest you take some basic steps.
Turn down the brightness on your screen.
Next grab a task killer from the Android Market.
Shut off Location, and WiFi features.
Put phone in airplane mod when flying. Phones constantly look for signals which drains batteries.

Once you have your phone ready start thinking about what you need to do and search the Android Market place from your Droid. PC and Mac users get a limited view of the app store. You will be surprised what you will find. You will find a app for just about anything.

Google will be adding account access through a users computer. The Market will be connected to your account. This will add features like keeping your music in the cloud then streaming it to your phone or tablet device.

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Not only do you have one of the most powerful smartphones ever built you belong to a community. We highly recommend visiting the Android Developers site to understand the full potential of your new device.

We recommend that you only purchase accessories for The Droid from Verizon Wireless. These devices are new and only a few OEM products are available for now. We have heard some bad things about none OEM accessories. Example would be Docking Stations. Some reportedly don't charge the phone. Be safe and buy only well reviewed accessories.