Mounting Motorola Droid On A Bicycle

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Droid On Bicycle Since the Droid was released the daily schedule of exercise has suffered. So I was thinking why not just use The Motorola Droid as a workout device. You could use a Garmin Forerunner which is fine ,but I ride a Mountain Bike or a Touring Bike for exercise. Hence this post. "Mounting The Motorola Droid on a Bicycle".

UPDATE: It is no longer necessary to hack a bike mount together for your Droid.

Please feel free to watch how we did it in the early days below. We would encourage you spend $30.00 and buy something you would feel safe putting your phone in. As a note I use the Amzer Mount on my Mountain and Touring Bikes. Now that Google Maps is on most Android Phones this has become a very popular post. Read Google Maps For Biking and Cycling

During the Tour De France in 2010 cell phone and communications with wireless devices where prevalent. Garmin, HTC Phones and Radio Shack where all present and showing off cycling technology. In his retirement season Lance Armstrong became a stronger spokes person for Radio Shack. Consumers should start seeing 2010 Tour Tested Technology soon.

Android Phone can be a GPS Phone For Cycling. Simply install Google Mobile Maps and MyTracks App and your good to go.


Lets begin this what s essentially a hack job. The most important part for this is the Speck Holster Pro. It is very ridged and holds the phone very tight. Along with a good case you need a handle bar mount for a light, or anything you can find that YOU! feel safe with.

After gathering the parts take your time and test your set up over and over. Notice in one of the video's that I wrapped a zip tie around the Droid and Case. I knew the case was tight so I felt comfortable securing the tie around the case.

I know some say this is stupid. But I tell ya this works. I completed a 5 mile ride using the GPS and the Cardio Application in the Android Market Place. The app recorded the entire ride and gave me voice feedback along the ride.

I am sure once I get the app set up better and fine tune the mounting, the Droid will be with all my workouts. I can see getting the Bluetooth headset and listening to music. Not so dangerous with a Blue tooth seeing only one ear is used

I made two video's for doing this. The video I recorded as a demonstration ride/test is Okay, but I was using a helmet camera with no view finder.

The second video is a basic assembly of a mounting system.