Samsung Galaxy S Android Phone Buyers Guide

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Samsung Galaxy S PhonesAs it rains Samsung Phones the fog of buying the right one for each person thickens. Cup Cake, Eclair, Froyo, 5mp, 8mp, 10mp, Screen size , battery life, Memory. The list go's on and on. With the Galaxy S Series from Samsung has the best of all of these specs, but with a couple things buyers need to keep in mind.

The Samsung Galaxy S line of smart phones has become serialized the world over with minor variations for each phone released from the company. The main differences will be in the look of the phone body. However, each does have slightly different functionality. The Galaxy S, Captivate, Epic 4G, Fascinate, and Vibrant are all parts of this line. The name and capacity seems to vary most between countries. There are other smart phones in the Samsung line that utilize some of the Galaxy S technology but they are not truly a Galaxy S model as the one's represented herein are. A notable example is the Moment 2/Intercept. It utilizes many of the same features as the Galaxy S series, such as the TouchWiz UI, but it has many key differences that keep it from actually being a Galaxy S phone.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5

S5 Review

The Samsung Galaxy 5 has set the bar high for Android Phone Development. The device is powerful and packed with advanced features other phones just cant handle.
What makes Samsung Phones such a great buy? Well, the first thing to consider is that it follows the leap-frog innovation cycle that Samsung has become known for. The S3 was a major jump in technology over the S1. The S4 was a major improvement of the S2. Now, the S5 is a clear leap forward ahead of the S3. This allows people to choose to somewhat less awesome, but still amazing, S4 if they don't wish to purchase the newer model. However, the S5 is still a modest improvement over the S4 and as such can be seen as the best Android phone between the two options.
What makes it the best Samsung Phones to buy for actual use? Well, start with the new Android 4.4 operating system code named, "KitKat". The candy and sweet treat theme used by Android operating systems has continued with this latest iteration and its inclusion makes the Samsung Galaxy S5 all the sweeter for it. There is more to consider, however. The 5.1 inch screen allows you to use this bit of technological wonder to watch videos, easily read messages and to separate those hard to touch links without the frustrations of a smaller device. Who hasn't tried to click a link on a social networking site and continually activated the wrong one due to the way those links stack for mobile phones? Exactly, this won't be as much of an issue with a larger device.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Android Phone

Samsung Galaxy S4 Review PageGalaxy S4 is a exemplary example of how each redo of a Smartphone can improve. The coolest thing about the Samsung 4 is when your watch a video it will pause when you look away. Then it will start up when you look at the screen again.

Is Samsung Galaxy 4 from Samsung Mobile the best mobile phones available up to now. Of the best phone 2012 Galaxy S3 conquered as far as we are concerned. The mobile phone deals that go with the newest smartphones are getting better as competition builds at each launch.

A 2GHz quad-core Cortex A-15 processor will provide quite a deal of power to the device, allowing users to stream content, download items and browse the web at lightning speeds. The rear facing camera clocks in at 13 megapixels and is capable of shooting HD 1080 pixel video at 30 frames per seconds.

Samsung Galaxy S 3 Android Phone

Samsung Galaxy S III Reviews



The Samsung Galaxy 3 has proven reviews since it's release day. Sleek clean lines make the ease of use better than other phones, Featured on Verizon Wireless, Sprint and AT&T

Even with release of the Samsung Galaxy S4 the S3 is still a great option for %90 of Android users. The Android phone is intuitive and has the most recent Android OS available.

Enjoy multitasking with the Pop up Play feature of this 16 GB Samsung Galaxy S smartphone that lets you chat with friends, watch HD videos, and surf the web simultaneously. With the Smart Alert feature, this white smartphone alerts you of any missed calls or messages received in your absence. Furthermore, you can answer a call or reject it, set the alarm or snooze it, and do lots more by simply giving out voice commands.

Share your precious moments fast and with ease on the Samsung Galaxy 3. With S Beam, you can easily share large HD videos, photos, contacts, documents and more with compatible phones just by touching them back to back. Plus you can multitask by watching videos while you send emails or surf the web.




Samsung Galaxy S (International) Android Phone

This Android 2.1 powered phone meets all of the individual's handset needs and more. The nature of this phone is one of medium size but high end capacity. This smart phone works with Vodafone in Europe. Several European countries utilize this phone and it was initially released in Korea. The purpose of its release is to provide a baseline 'vanilla' version of the Galaxy S line to the worldwide public. The network specifications will vary dependent upon the country and company network the phone operates on. Currently The network types available for this smart phone are HSUPA and EDGE/GPRS. These range between the 900, 1900, and 2100 versions for the HSUPA and the 850, 900, 1800, and 1900 versions for the EDGE/GPRS.

Just as with its variants this phone uses the Super AMOLED screen technology with its four inch screen. This provides and excellent visual experience. Due to its ability to utilize an EDGE network connection, as well as other 3G and higher technologies, it allows for active video streaming. This means that the beautiful screen can render movies in real time if the local area network supports such speedy connectivity. Either way, the phone itself is ready.

The Galaxy S International features all of the most up to date Google applications such as weather, maps, and etc. It's GPS location technology is outstanding and it looks incredibly sexy as well. Overall this device is noted as being the baseline upon which all the other variations are generated from. In this regard it provides ample entertainment value and a capacity to rival any phone on the market.

This mobile device is best purchased by someone that wants the 'original' Galaxy S as an import or who lives outside the US. It is quite popular in Europe, and was initially released in Korea.

Samsung Captivate Galaxy S

Samsung Captivate Android PhoneThis 2G and 3G connection level smartphone is the offering made by AT&T. It features full range touchscreen capacity with Swype, the standard Galaxy S Super AMOLED screen (with sixteen million color capacity) and the now famous TouchWiz 3.0 user-interface. This smart phone has all the primary bells and whistles of the Galaxy S variation line including a primary 5.0 megapixel camera with Geo-tagging, face/smile detection,and touch focus. It allows for the desired 720p HD video recording capacity that puts most other smart phones to shame.

Outside of its standard features the main reasons to recommend the Captivate over other phones in the Galaxy S brand-line mainly include Network support. AT&T is noted as having one of the best customer service capacities in the US and this carries over in their actual networking capacity. The ability to utilize mobile Wi-Fi hotspots from AT&T combined with their wide range of services ads a great deal to this phone's usability.

While the internal architecture and overall design of the device is very similar to it's sister units the Captivate is a sleek sexy machine in its own right. Gunmetal grey trim atop black back panel give this phone a sharp look. It is light weight, very portable, and stands up well against its closest competitors, including the iPhone 4. For instance, the iPhone 4 has superior browsing and text reading capacity the Captivate is superior in movie and social media capacity.

This is the phone you want if you A) Do not like Apple. B)Live in an AT&T friendly area. C) Don't want to spend a fortune on a smart phone that can compete with Droid X and the iPhone 4.

Samsung Continuum Galaxy S

Samsung Continuum PhoneThe latest a greatest is the Samsung Continuum Android Galaxy S Smartphone. Available for Verizon Wireless in North America and Vodafone in the UK.

The Continuum features two separate but integrated displays: a 3.4-inch touch screen Super AMOLED main display and a customizable 1.8-inch Super AMOLED dedicated ticker display that streams customized information in real time. Additionally, the Continuum is powered by Android 2.1, with support for Google Mobile Services, including Gmail, YouTube, Android Marketâ„¢ and more. The Continuum also includes a 1GHz Hummingbird Application Processor, 5-megapixel camera, and multiple entertainment and social networking features.

The Continuum Galaxy S makes the user comfortable by providing a easy user interface with powerful features. The Top Android Device is also a great deal for those who want the newest but not at a highend price point.

Samsung Epic 4G Galaxy S

Samsung Epic 4G Anroid PhoneThe Epic 4G has a major advantage over its variant Galaxy S competitors in one regard. This phone is fully capable of utilizing the fourth generation of connectivity technology due to being offered by Sprint. Sprint 4G works many times faster than the swiftest 3G connections to date and actively allows its users to live stream video and radio over the airwaves with little if any download wait time necessary. There is no wait time for loading web pages and it's easier than ever to share HD videos with your friends after creating them.

Beyond this feature many of the other specs and features are the same as the other variations. The Epic 4G has the same Super AMOLED four inche screen, and baseline 5.0 megapixel camera. The 1GHz, lightning fast, processor is in effect as well. The other differences, however, make this a truly unique device. The Epic 4G's mobile hotspot feature and secondary front-facing camera. The 4G connectivity allows for these devices to be useful in direct video conferencing.

The Epic 4G from Samsung is the Galaxy S iteration that you should buy if you want blazing fast connectivity, high-end visual communication, or just want to look cooler than the other Galaxy S users. This is, of course, only recommended for Sprint customers or those who desire to be one.

When deciding on the Galaxy S Variant phone that you would enjoy owning keep in mind three things. These three items are: Connectivity, customer service, and price. You can't go wrong with either in regards to the Epic 4G.

Samsung Fascinate Galaxy S

Samsung Galaxy S Fasinate Android Phone

The Fascinate is Verizon Wireless' entry into the Galaxy S variant technology pool. This device can in many ways be considered direct and dangerously sexy opposition to the iPhone 4. Once Apple's product is stripped of its cool exterior there are many functional similarities between the two devices that actually give people areal choice between competing smart phones. In the end it comes down to what an individual wants more. Do they want a much higher price tag with the occasional 'slightly' higher specs or do they desire a smart phone that does it all for less? If the second choice is the one for you then seek no farther than the fascinate.

This 1GHz Hummingbird powered phone is ideal for anyone that wants to be certain they will always have a signal in almost any part of the country. Verizon's network is the largest in the US and while some disagree with their business practices no one can deny the sheer size and scope of their network. Some other phone carriers cannot deliver the full range of connectivity that Verizon can. The Fascinate is fully 3G capable and has the ability to create mobile WiFi hotspots almost anywhere.

The four inch Super AMOLED screen and high-end three dimensional graphics technology allows for unprecedented levels of video and gaming capacity on an Android powered phone. Should the android 2.2 update be installed then this device would readily be one of the best ever invented in terms of visual entertainment value.

This smart phone is best purchased by people that truly want to use their mobile device anywhere due to being on the Verizon Network. These same individuals will want a hand set capable of truly rivaling the iPhone 4 without having to deal with Apple as well. If that individual wants to play games or watch movies on a beautiful mini-computer that makes phone calls then they have that ability as well.

Samsung Mesmerize Galaxy S

Samsung Mesmerize i500 phoneBased on years of experience of designing high-quality phones, Samsung mobile phones employ an internal antenna design technology that optimizes reception quality for any type of hand grip.Let Samsung Galaxy S be your copilot. With automatic car mode when in the car cradle, Samsung Galaxy S uses Google Maps to give you three different views - real street view, traffic view, and satellite view.The Galaxy S's integrated contacts brings your email and SNS contacts into one phone book, allowing you to check your friends' status updates and newly added photos directly from your contacts. And, thanks to social hub inbox, you can manage all your incoming and outgoing messages.

Samsung Vibrant Galaxy S

Samsung Vibrant Android PhoneThis T-mobile variant of the Galaxy S was the first of Samsung's Galaxy S variant handsets to arrive on store shelves in America. Just as with the other versions, one of its best features is the truly magnificent 4-inch Super AMOLED screen display. It comes with a 5.0 megapixel camera capable of 720p video recording and has a processor which is nothing short of phenomenal. The 1GHz Hummingbird with GPU is far and away better than other smart phones on the market today.

Combine the visuals and recording capacity with intuitive controls and exceptional navigation and this smart phone earns its place at the top of the pack. Those individuals interested in using the internet on their Android 2.1 powered mobile device will find that the Vibrant's 3G connectivity is rock solid. There is also the WiFi hotspot capacity, AGPS location searches and a microSD card slot which is capable of supporting up to 32 GB of storage. The TV-out option is quite a bit different than other types of smart phones on the market.

With all the goodness there are a few items which need to be addressed. The main issue some might have with this smart phone isn't the technology. The design allows it to slip easily in and out of a pocket. This is excellent portability but someone who isn't careful with their cellphones might drop it. Thankfully it is far more sturdy than it appears.

This phone is best purchased by individuals that already have or wish to have a T-mobile contract due to a dislike of one of the other companies or an interest in this phone in general. This device is also recommended due to being slightly more ergonomic in the hand than its sister units as well as the TV-out option.

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