Hands On Review Of Motorola Droid Pro Phone

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Motorola Droid ProWe where able to get our hands on a Motorola Droid Pro to review. Though the Pro Phone was under pre order status we received ours 2 days after ordering it online from Verizon. The company has always been good about free shipping and getting pre orders out soon as the inventory is available. Basically Verizon wants to give the online customers all the advantages because it saves them money.
When I first picked up the Droid Pro I was amazed how light it was. Compared tp the A855 or Incredible it is feather weight. The over all form of fight in hand is comfortable and easy to operate with one hand.
The keyboard of the Droid Pro is tiny compared to some business phones like Blackberry, but very usable for business use. The keys are smaller towards the top to make mistakes less likely. The user can fire off a email or text just as fast if not faster than other devices because of fast access to the apps via the touch screen.
The Motorola Droid Pro has the best of both worlds with the full keyboard and touchscreen. The user can hop back and forth between the two and be productive.
As for speed the Droid Pro is off the Google Map when opening pages online in both 3G and Wireless mods. Verizon has just launched LTE 4G in the Boston area (our home city) , but we have not noticed any acceleration as of yet.  We are hoping the upcoming Android 2.3 Gingerbread and the LTE 4G will kick the Droid Pro in to high gear.
In conclusion the Droid Pro can surly take market share from Blackberry and RIM, but those use to the later will need time to adjust. Those who are entirely new to Smartphones will gel with this device right away.

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