HTC Droid Incredible Sold Out Again And Not Just On Verizon

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As the Incredible is touted as the Best New Smartphone on Verizon buyers can't get one. Even at our local Cell Phone Store they have a three week back order and waiting list.
The Wireless Network as moved the shipping date to June 6, 2010 and Wirefly is also back ordering the HTC Incredible.
We haven't heard anything more official from the company for why the shortage. They may have only manufactured a certain number of phones as a wait and see scenario or the supply line may have broke. Honestly we don't really know and speculation at this point is futile. Hopefully Verizon Wireless Will let us know soon.
In the meantime websites like EBAY and Amazon have had a steady flow of sales. On the Auction Site We found nearly 100% of Droid Incredible Phone listed have sold well above retail.

The last shipping date announced May 1, 2010 was that the HTC Incredible would be shipping by the 14th. That day has come and gone and users will need to wait 2 to 3 more weeks for their phones unless they find one on eBay or Amazon.


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